Maasai Action Video Game Goes Viral, Elicits Debate

  • A Maasai action video game went viral on social media platforms, with Kenyans expressing their amazement at the celebration of culture.

    The video game, Hiru, was shared widely among online users for the better part of Friday, December 9.

    In the game, an animated Maasai warrior dressed in cultural attire and a shield with the Kenyan flag was filmed battling soldiers and a lion in the wilderness.

    A section of social media users sought to find out the game’s creator, with many celebrating him for promoting the Maasai community and its culture. 

    Hiru video game creator Daniel Gichukie at a past event.

    Hiru video game creator Daniel Gichukie at a past event.


    Daniel Gichukie

    “It is amazing how African culture is still preserved; from Hero-Heru-Hiru,” Bill Wakape Tweeted.

    “Congratulations to the Kenyans who are making the game. They are flying the flag high in the gaming industry,” Michael Kamau echoed.

    Kenyans.co.ke established that the game was created by Kenyans who work at Kunta Content – a production company that makes games, animation, and film.

    In an interview with Kenyans.co.ke, Dean Gichukie, co-founder of the company and brains behind the game, stated that the idea behind Hiru started in 2013 after visiting Maasai Mara.

    He noted that he wanted to create a game that many Kenyans would relate to.

    “I played games such as Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Call of Duty when I was a child, and they were fun. However, we find that there is a sense of unfamiliarity.

    “In the games, the world you play in is very different to you as an African. For example, where I grew up, we did not have tarmac roads, and in the games, you find tarmac everywhere,’ he intimated.

    The creative added that he had received many calls from Kenyans and the international community after the game went viral, as many offered to support them in their innovation.

    “We are still building the game. The reception has been amazing. We have gotten studios and publishers who want to work with us. They are impressed by the quality.

    A photo of someone holding a video game console.

    A photo of someone holding a video game console.


    “People even called to find out if we were all Kenyans,” he stated.

    The game is set to be released in 2023.

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