Skywalks: Architectural Marvels on Nairobi's Skyline

  • Skywalks, also known as skyways or sky bridges, are elevated walkways that connect two or more buildings that are adjacent to each other.

    They are a beautiful addition to the capital’s skyline as construction techniques advance and more skyscrapers are constructed

    Construction experts indicate that they ease movement within buildings and are safer since one does not have to use the sidewalks. 

    In addition, sky bridges also save time while allowing one to avoid human traffic and rain.

    An example of a sky walk at the Michael Joseph Centre in Westlands Nairobi

    An example of a sky walk at the Michael Joseph Centre in Westlands Nairobi


    One of these fascinating aesthetics of urban construction can be seen in Westlands Nairobi, at the JW Marriot hotel,  adjacent to the newly constructed GTC building.

    The buildings are connected by two sky bridges that ease movement from one building to the next.

    Also, in Westlands, the Michael Joseph Centre has a sky bridge connecting two buildings.

    Notably, the sky bridges are on the first few floors, unlike other sky bridges across the globe, where they are constructed even on the topmost floor.

    They are constructed several floors up to ensure large trucks can easily use the road below.

    “Skyways need to offer shelter from the elements so that pedestrians are either fully or partially protected from the weather,” advised Bridge Brothers on its website.

    Skywalks can be used in hospitals, sports arenas, airports, malls, universities, and train stations. The majority of skywalks bridges are privately owned since they connect private buildings.

    Designing and erecting these structures requires specialised knowledge to design to prevent them from collapsing in the future. 

    “Skywalks have the potential to transform cityscapes through visually pleasing structures.

    Undated photo of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

    Undated photo of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore


    Marina Bay Sands

    The value of skywalks can be in the form of comfort, landscape, and urban ambience,” Makaan IQ noted on its website.

    One of the world’s famous and iconic sky bridges is at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, which connects three buildings and holds the world’s largest infinity pool

    An example of a skywalk connecting two buildings at Westlands Nairobi

    An example of a skywalk connecting two buildings at Westlands Nairobi


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