Arshad Sharif Murder: Pakistani Detectives Unearth 4 Loopholes in Kenya Police Findings

  • Pakistani detectives have unraveled four inconsistencies in the report by the National Police Service (NPS) explaining the circumstances surrounding the death of the South Asian country’s journalist, Arshad Sharif.

    In a 600-page document released on Saturday, December 10, the detectives maintained that the Land Cruiser Sharif was travelling in stopped at the roadblock mounted by General Service Unit (GSU) officers.

    The ballistics report indicated that the shot fired targeting the journalist’s head would not have penetrated the two head-rests before striking him if the vehicle was in motion.

    An image slain Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif

    An image slain Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif.

    In addition, the findings reiterated that Sharif was murdered. The fatal shot, the document revealed, was taken by a firearm expert hence premeditated.

    A second bullet wound on the deceased’s back was also brought under scrutiny by the detectives, arguing that there was no bullet entry point on the seat.

    “The injury had to have been caused either before the journalist got into the vehicle, or the shot was fired from a relatively close range, possibly from inside the vehicle and certainly not a moving vehicle,” the report indicated.

    Furthermore, the number of injuries discovered on Sharif’s body were 12 and not two as indicated in the post-mortem conducted in Kenya.

    Pakistani Detectives, therefore, concluded that the journalist was tortured by his captors for hours before his death.

    The new findings corroborated with those of a leaked report which showed that the deceased sustained internal bodily injuries as three of his ribs were broken.

    In addition, Sharif’s fingers were dislocated. Two gunshot wounds were found on the body: one at the back of his head and the other on the right upper torso.

    CCTV footage obtained by Pakistani intelligence revealed that at least nine rounds of ammunition were fired on the side of the vehicle in which Sharif was seated.

    A report filed by one of the GSU officers manning the roadblock claimed that Sharif and the man driving the vehicle opened fire at the officers, forcing them to reiterate.

    The officer claimed that one of the bullets struck his arm during the exchange of fire.

    Pakistani's former News anchor Arshad Sharif.

    Pakistani’s former News anchor Arshad Sharif.


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