Elderly Couple Shares 5 Secrets for 50-Year Marriage

  • A Nakuru Couple shared five secrets to their successful marriage that has lasted 50 years since they tied the knot on December 9, 1972. 

    Speaking on Sunday, December 11, David and Rosemary Kinyanjui Macharia indicated that their marriage has stood the test of time due to five simple secrets that today’s marriages often lack. 

    David, 78, and his wife, Rosemary, 74, met in 1971 while the former was a Canon at St John’s ACK Church and the latter was posted to teach at Michinda Primary School in Elburgon after graduating from Mosoriot Teacher Training College.

    The couple renewed their nuptial vows at the All Saints ACK Parish in a refined and decorated ceremony that was marked with pomp and color as hundreds of guests and congregants witnessed.

    A couple exchanges rings during a wedding

    A file image of a couple exchanging rings during a wedding.


    Below are the five secrets that the company shared with Kenya News Agency

    1. Affection 

    Rosemary indicated that David shows a lot of affection to her, including taking good care of her whenever she is taken ill.

    2. The ability to admit his mistakes and offer an apology

    Furthermore, Rosemary revealed that the quality she admired most in her husband was his ability to admit his mistakes and offer an apology.

    According to Rosemary, this is an attribute that she noted most men do not have today.

    3. Prepare a meal for her husband

    Rosemary’s ability to prepare her husband’s food was also highlighted as a contributor to the success of their marriage. 

    Even though she has a house-help at hand, on some days, Rosemary prepares the meal herself.

    “I still want to play that role of a caring wife even though sometimes age makes it difficult. Food is the way to a man’s heart and David is not any different,” she stated.

    4. Embrace each other, even when situations change 

    The couple also faulted the tendency of modern couples to turn against each other whenever the going gets tough. 

    “Nothing has changed. The marriage vows that we took in 1971 are still the same ones that will apply to couples getting married in the future. Whatever year you got married, the rules remain the same,” David revealed.

    He maintains that if a couple wants their marriage to weather storms and intrigues, then they should embrace each other, even when situations change.

    Focusing on Social and Emotional Parts of Marriage Apart from the Financial. 

    Rosemary feels that the mistake couples make nowadays is focusing only on the financial aspect of marriage while neglecting the social and emotional part of the marriage.

    She effectively advises new couples against this trend.

    “Money is important, but if you spend all your time chasing, talking, and arguing about it, your marriage will suffer – money alone will not make you happy; a happy marriage needs balance,” she concluded. 


    A file image of a couple.


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