Mother-in-Law Demolishes Widow's House in Kitisuru

  • A widow in Kitusuru Estate of Nairobi is crying for justice after her home was demolished in what she claimed was a result of wrangles between her and her in-laws.

    The widow argued that her mother-in-law hired goons to demolish her house on the morning of December 10.

    “I wake up in the morning to find diggers in my house and they demolished my gate and wall.

    “The 36 Goons were all over who were conducting the demolition of my property,” she painfully narrated.

    A bulldozer pulling down a house

    A bulldozer pulling down a house


    The widow recounted that trouble started when her husband passed on before a change was made on the title deed.

    “My mother-in-law is using a legal loophole to throw me out of a home I have lived in for 30 years.

    “The property’s title deed still reads my husbands name and my in-laws are using that as a tool to kick me out and inherit my late husband’s wealth,” she told the press.

    The land in question is a half-acre prime property and the widow maintained that she is entitled to the property.

    “There is an ongoing case on the land that was filed in 2006, my mother-in-law decided that the one and half acre belongs to the estate since we had not changed the title.

    “We bought this house with my husband so I am entitled to half an acre and the rest should go to my three children,” she remarked.

    The widow accuses the police force of not helping her get justice.

    “I was arrested unlawfully alongside my children and when we were in the custody, our property was encroached and illegal structure put up,” she lamented to the press.

    Police officers at a scene in a previous incident

    Police officers at a scene in a previous incident


    arrest illegal

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