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President William Ruto

President William Ruto

The government has successfully adopted policing that observes the rights and freedoms of Kenyans.

President William Ruto on Monday December 12 said the agencies had successfully re-oriented policing operations from a heavy and illegitimate reliance on illegal and extra-judicial interventions, to improved vigilance and relationship with the citizens.

Ruto commended the National Police Service (NPS) for embracing the changes and improving the relationship with the communities.

“There is now consensus that a new policing paradigm is at hand, and it is possible to achieve a high level of security for our citizens and also observe their rights and freedoms to the greatest extent,” he said.

Ruto said some previous policing operations frequently entailed such intolerable violations as abduction, torture, disappearance and murder.

He also said the welfare of the police was being looked into and that a task force to review the terms of police service will be appointed this month.

“Before the end of the year, I will be appointing a taskforce to review the terms of the police service.”

Ruto said he also executed the necessary instrument to actualize the financial independence of the NPS in the realization that this is the substantive enabler of genuine institutional independence.

“The operational independence of the police is necessary for its efficiency, professionalism and accountability,” he said.

The President also directed the Interior Ministry to join hands with the Ministry of Environment to increase the national tree cover from the current 12 to 30 percent by 2030.

“Every Chief shall dedicate at least one day per week for a public Baraza cum tree planting drive in which the public will be mobilized to plant and grow at least 3,000 trees weekly, within their respective locations,” he directed.

Each Assistant County Commissioner, Deputy County Commissioner, County Commissioner and Regional Commissioner shall file monthly returns on these targets to the Ministry of Interior.

Free seedlings will be provided to the public through Chiefs, schools and other public institutions by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

All Regional Commissioners, County Commissioners, Deputy County Commissioners, Assistant County Commissioners, Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and Nyumba Kumi officials, will mobilize the public drive for National Tree Planting Culture.

The exercise will be coordinated at the locational level and cascaded downwards.

This programme will be implemented through the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with county governments and many other stakeholders, local and foreign.

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