University of Arizona: Inside US University Ranked Among Best Worldwide

  • University of Arizona has been a popular topic in Kenya recently after President William Ruto announced scholarships for Kenyans from the institution.

    The president made the announcement on December 11, as he urged Kenyans to attend Jamhuri Day celebrations in huge numbers so as to enjoy the scholarship.

    “Every citizen who will come to Nyayo Stadium tomorrow will go back with a course paid for by the University of Arizona,” the president promised Kenyans.

    Aerial view of University of Arizona

    Aerial view of University of Arizona

    University of Arizona

    Later, the President kept his promise and awarded the scholarships, which had been styled to suit entrepreneurs, during his Jamhuri speech on Monday, December 12.

    “As promised, everyone present in this stadium today will get a free scholarship on global entrepreneurship and innovation from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University.”

    “It is now time to keep the promise. There is a QR Code near you. Scan and access the scholarship now,” the president announced to an ecstatic crowd.

    Each Kenyan who had attended Jamhuri Day celebrations received free access to a 16-unit course that valued at Ksh100,000.

    The agreement between President Ruto’s Government and the University of Arizona was likely the result of a meeting held between the Head of State and the institution’s leadership held in March 2022.

    During his tenure as the Deputy President, Ruto met US leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars at the Arizona State University where he lobbied his bottom-up economic approach insisting it was way to the future.

    Supporting small businesses through training, financing, removing bottle-necks and creating a conducive environment in the sector is the surest way to grow the economy; from the bottom,” the president stated at the time.

    President William Ruto speaking at University of Arizona in March 4, 2022

    President William Ruto speaking at University of Arizona in March 4, 2022


    William Ruto

    Kenyan partnership with Arizona State University is good news for the beneficiaries since the institution consistently ranks among the best worldwide.

    The university has a total undergraduate enrollment of 38,528 and is ranked 105 in best colleges and universities in US according to the US News and World Reports, a global media outlet.

    The university describes itself as a place where students can achieve extraordinary feats.

    “The University of Arizona is a place of wonder where you can do the extraordinary with extraordinary people,” the university states in their site.

    The institution is a public land-grant research university located in Tucson, Arizona in United States of America (USA).

    It is one of the oldest universities and was founded in 1885 by the 13th Arizona Territorial Legislature and was the first university in the Arizona Territory.

    It is part of the Association of American Universities and the Universities Research Association and prides itself in making huge strides in research.

    “Our researchers continue to forge innovative pathways, form powerful collaborations and make remarkable discoveries,” the university prides itself.

    The university offers over 150 majors and undergraduate degree programs which Kenyan students can join.

    Notable alumni from the institution include model Kourtney Kardashian, actress Kristen Carroll Wiig, TV personality Nicole Camille Richie and former basketball star Stephen Douglas Kerr.

    Aerial view of University of Arizona playing field

    Aerial view of University of Arizona playing field

    University of Arizona

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