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Black Bondo: Mechanic Who Transformed Probox Into Posh Car Reveals Charges

  • Images of a pimped-up Probox automobile have elicited debate from Kenyans online over the vehicle’s unique and stylish design. 

    The car which has appeared on various social media platforms is a dark Probox, smoothly painted with artistic images painted on its body structure.

    The brains behind the design of the vehicle is attributed to a group of youthful Kenyans namely; Gesure Autopimp, Perfect Stitch Car Interiors also known as ‘Black Bondo’, Zing Artist, Lights best Auto, Tint by Fleek cars and Pest Auto Rides based in Thika.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Kevin Gesure of Gesure Autopimp reveals that the idea behind the pimping of the Probox was more of a combination between branding and having uniqueness in design.

    An image of the Interior of the 'Black Bondo' vehicle.

    An image of the Interior of the ‘Black Bondo’ vehicle.


    Kevin Gesure

    “We work as a team of four, the idea in designing the vehicle was to stand out in terms of branding, to position and market ourselves out there. Also, we tried to be unique in how we approach the design,” he revealed.

    Kevin noted that the vehicle belonged to ‘Black Bondo’ the proprietor of Perfect Stitch Car Interiors who aside from having a passion for automobiles is also into furniture designs.

    Interestingly enough, Kevin informed Kenyans.co.ke that the vehicle in question was not designed for luxury alone

    “We use this vehicle as a carrier for workshop merchandise(furniture) that we also design, as much as it looks dope, it is a workaholic for us too,” he remarked.

    He put across that designing the vehicle took a maximum of 14 days.

    “We spent two weeks to finish designing and pimping the vehicle, this can even be reduced to less than that depending on the clients’ ability to finance the project. The quicker the client pays, the faster we deliver the project,” he communicated.

    On how much it took to design the vehicle, Kevin revealed that they spent Ksh347,000 to get the Probox up and running. 

    “We spent Ksh45,000 on Side Kits, Ksh40,000 on Spoilers, Ksh40,000 for Bumper Front Kits, Picture paintings at Ksh30,000 (3), Painting of the vehicle took Ksh55,000.”

    “Mounting of headlights cost Ksh35,000 each, while rear lights took Ksh 22,000. We spent Ksh20,000 on wheels, Ksh10,000 each on rims and tyres respectively,” he added.

    The vehicle, Kevin remarked, has Toyota Crown seats fitted in them and the vehicle can accommodate a maximum of five people.

    He equally informed that the vehicle partakes in Motorshow competitions with their latest appearances being at Karen, Uhuru Gardens and Two Rivers mall. 

    Kevin notes that in the automotive business, visibility is important in order to get clients and subscribers.

    An image of the 'Black Bondo' Vehicle being worked on in a garage.

    An image of the ‘Black Bondo’ Vehicle being worked on in a garage.


    Kevin Gesure

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