How Police Pounced on Gang Leader After Months in Exile

  • A leader of a notorious gang, who resurfaced after months of hiding, was arrested in Naivasha, Nakuru County on Tuesday, December 13, while getting his share of stolen electronics worth millions.

    According to the Sub-county deputy police commander Samuel Kiplong, the cops received a tip-off from members of the public of suspicious activity happening in their neighbourhood.

    He added that the police were hot on the trail of the mastermind- who had gone into hiding for several months. 

    “The six, including their notorious ring leader who went into exile and sneaked back, had been on our radar for a while,” he told the press.

    Undated file image of two men in police handcuffs

    A file image of two men in police handcuffs


    Kiplong explained that the suspects were caught red-handed distributing some of the electronics they had made away with during multiple raids in the locality.

    “Among the items recovered were electronics which were part of a consignment worth Ksh850,000 stolen from a shop on Friday, December 9,” the sub-county police boss explained.

    Three sound speakers which were stolen during a break-in at the Mirera church were also recovered at the residential apartment.

    Commander Kiplong also revealed that the same gang had raided Mirera PCEA church two weeks ago and stole musical equipment with an estimated value worth Ksh900,000.

    A contingent of officers was also dispatched to go after the suspect’s accomplices. 

    Kiplong thanked area residents for aiding the security agents with information that led to the arrest of the notorious gang leader and his abettors. 

    Tuesday’s arrests came a month after Nakuru County Commissioner Peter Mwanzo called on the members of the public to step up in the fight against crime.

    Amid a resurgence of criminal activity in the county, he tasked the locals to arrest offenders, arguing that the police-to-civilian ratio could not enable cops to be omnipresent.

    “The law allows citizens to arrest criminals under the Arrest By Members of the Public clause. They can arrest them and bring them to the police because we are not gods, we cannot be everywhere,” Mwanzo explained.

    Nakuru County Commander Peter Mwanzo addressing the media on Monday, November 14, 2022..jpg

    Nakuru County Commander Peter Mwanzo addressing the media on Monday, November 14, 2022.

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