Kenyan Chef Who Introduced Kunde, Managu to Canada Faces Deportation

  • John Ndambuki Mulwa, a Kenyan chef who introduced Kunde (cowpeas) and managu (African nightshade) farming in Canada, is at risk of deportation for allegedly contravening the country’s immigration laws. 

    Mulwa, who moved to Canada in August 2014, seeks humanitarian intervention to prevent the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) from casting him away.

    According to an online petition launched by Hamilton residents where Mulwa resides, he worked with Murphy’s country produce to introduce Kunde and managu among other farm products from Kenya.

    “For over 3 years, he has gone the extra mile to produce the taste of home vegetables for Canadians of African origin in Ontario,” the online petition read in part.

    John Mulwa, a Kenyan chef based in Canada

    John Mulwa, a Kenyan chef based in Canada.

    Hamilton News

    “This year John worked with Murphy’s Country Produce and was the first Kenyan in Canada to grow East African veggies like Kunde, Saga,and managu and not the least, the popular mahindi (white corn),” it added.

    Aside from the online petition, which had collected over 2,800 signatures, the residents staged street demonstrations on Monday, December 12, to oppose the planned deportation.

    Mulwa raised security concerns while appealing to the Canadian authorities to grant him refugee status.

    However, Justin Trudeau’s administration did not immediately respond to Mulwa. According to Canada Today, a local media publication, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) maintained that they could not comment on Mulwa’s case due to privacy laws.

    Mulwa’s attorney further defended the Kenyan chef stating that he had complied with all Canadian laws. He castigated the government for giving the green light on the deportation process, indicating that Mulwa was a beneficial member of society.

    “I pay my taxes every year, I work hard, I give back to my community, I’ve never relied on government support,” he stated. “I think you should look at what I’ve done for my community,” he added. 

    “He’s the only one I know who grows white corn, which we like a lot in Kenya,” another Kenyan who lives in Hamilton defended Mulwa’s farming venture.

    Immediately after landing in Canada in 2014, Mulwa worked with Samil Halal Supermarkets and later joined Mohawk College as a senior chef.

    Currently, he works with Robertland Academy, a military base school in Canada.

    Immigration offices in Canada

    Immigration offices in Canada.


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