Nairobi Club Owner Hatches New Strategy to Beat Sakaja's Ban

  • Nairobi club owners have resorted to alternative ways of keeping their businesses afloat amidst Governor Sakaja’s ban on operating clubs and bars in residential areas past 10:00pm.

    One such trader is the  24-year-old entrepreneur, Grace Nguti, situated in Ruaka Estate where she runs her own business, the Grace Tavern.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Tuesday, December 13, Nguti disclosed that her business continued to thrive amidst Government crackdown by offering delivery services for an unlimited selection of drinks and cocktails.

    “We simply enable you to have a good time even past 10:00pm,” Grace stated. 

    Grace Nguti

    Grace Nguti at a past event in Village Market


    The business provides home delivery services in different residential areas in Nairobi. In addition, they plan home cocktail parties and other late night corporate events.

    “We organise cocktail parties, set up home events and procure liquor as well as cocktails during the event to make them fun,” Nguti affirmed.

    The directive by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja was expected to lead to the loss of at least 23,000 permanent and temporary jobs, according to a press statement by Pubs, Entertainment, and Restaurant Association of Kenya (PERAK) in November 2022. 

    Nguti confirmed that the entertainment sector was suffering after traders incurred losses but argued that she had to find a solution fast to save her liquor business from collapse.

    “Right now, considering that we are seeing all sorts of crackdowns by the Government in regard to noise and business men and women having to close early, we had to come up with a solution to ensure we stay afloat or close shop,” she explained.

    Going by their tagline ‘Good liquor at good prices’, the business caters to customers across all socio-economic classes.

    “We cater to all clients of different economic classes. Our mission is to  give you what you want. It’s seamless, fast and affordable,” Nguti stated.

    Following the ban on nightclub licenses, PERAK predicted that nightclubs would have to scale back operations and lay off approximately 50% of their permanent and 100% of their temporary staff.

    “Each nightclub operates with 3 DJs who entertain patrons with each DJ earning roughly Ksh50,000 per night. Clubs will have to lay off 2 out of the 3 DJs,” the association stated in a press release. 

    Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja banned nightclubs from operating in residential areas on Friday, November 25. He also cancelled all licences and ordered his officers not to renew permits for the aforementioned facilities.

    “Those already issued are hereby cancelled, and the establishments may continue operating as bars and restaurants only,” declared the Governor at the time.

    Police Officers

    Armed police officers at the Nairobi CBD on Sunday, November 27.

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