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Diana Marua Criticized for Wearing Balenciaga Amid Brand Ad Campaign Controversy

13 Dec, 2022 | 10:15 AM

Diana Marua Criticized for Wearing Balenciaga
Diana Marua Criticized for Wearing Balenciaga

In Summary

Her fans however noticed her sweatshirt and the comment section was filled with people wondering why she wore the brand with all the negativity going on.

Diana Marua has faced criticism from her fans for wearing a Balenciaga sweatshirt at a time when the brand is facing a scandal over a controversial advert.

In the video, Diana Marua was in the kitchen checking on Jamhuri day dinner that her house manager was preparing.

Her fans however noticed her sweatshirt and the comment section was filled with people wondering why she wore the brand with all the negativity going on.

 One user said, “Balenciaga,a brand that does adverts with kids holding bondage teddy bear,the same brand that also did an advert with papers on top of their tables of a law that glorifies child phonography,cancel Balenciaga at all cost, children exploitation is not okay.”

Another user loved the content of the video but went ahead to criticize the outfit, “I love everything but hio top ya balenciaga is a turn off its like u don’t know balenciaga supports child abuse 😏😏😏🧐🧐🧐.”

Another one encouraged her to burn the sweatshirt in an attempt to cancel the brand, “DIANA, I THINK YOU MISSED THE MEMO. BALENCIAGA IS BEING CANCELLED FOR SUPPORTING CHILD PORN. BURN ANY BALENCIAGA. LOOK IT UP. 😮”

Here are some of the other comments.

1. Why would you wear that brand with all the hit it’s getting. Unless you wanted more publicity. As a woman mum and a brand I’d not wear that.


3. Huyu bado Anavaa Balenciaga. Anyway Acha niende hivi nacome 😂😂😂 

4. Are you being paid to promote Balenciaga? 🤔🤔,,,,

5. Diana vitu za Balenciaga zinachomwa….ama bado news hazijakufikia watu waliprotest. 

6. Diana umevaa balenciaga why😂 I think you should cancel it.

Balenciaga was recently criticized over it’s holiday campaign featuring children holding teddy bears dressed in bondage accessories.

Another separate campaign showed papers featuring text from 2008 supreme court ruling in favor of child pornography.

Celebrities and fans from all over the world have publicly cancelled the brand over the shameful campaign and most have been posting videos on social media, burning Balenciaga products.

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