Kenyans Rush for Exclusive Beach Homes Over Mombasa Congestion

  • As tourists continue to throng the coast region, hotels are expected to be filled to capacity, hence prompting guests to look for alternatives to enjoy the festive season with their families at affordable prices.

    Hotel managers have in the past intimated to the media that bookings had peaked owing to the festive season. 

    In particular, they revealed that the establishments located along the beach line were packed to capacity. 

    “This year the performance is so well to an extent that this December a number of hotels are full, mostly the beach hotels,” noted one of the hotel managers.

    Tourists Kayaking in Ramisi river in Funzi Island, Kwale county

    Tourists Kayaking in Ramisi river in Funzi Island, Kwale county


    One of the islands that attracted tourists includes Funzi Island, in Kwale county, situated approximately 35 kilometers south of Diani beach.

    It is ideal for weddings and shooting movie films. According to hotel owners on the island, the prices were slashed to suit the tourists’ preferences. 

    The owners affirmed that the quality and standards were not changed despite offering hefty discounts on prices. Prices of hotels along Funzi island dropped from Ksh60,000 per night to Ksh3,500 per night. 

    While on this exclusive island, tourists get to enjoy a maze through the mangroves in a motorised canoe, as they interact with the Shirazi tribe that lives in one village.

    With only about 1,500 people living on the island, tourists are able to feel a sense of isolation within nature.

    “I think Diani is very crowded, Funzi is very special and quiet,” noted one of the tourists.

    It is enriched with picturesque scenery and a tranquil ambiance perfect for those looking for a relaxation spot.

    According to Carol Otieno, who owns a piece of land on the exclusive island, the land prices are approximately Ksh6 million.

    These tiny islands are remote and can only be accessed by boat or air. While on the air, tourists are treated to the view of turquoise waters, and dense tropical vegetation.

    “It is very quiet here, you can detach from social media and the everyday stress. I appreciate this peaceful landscape, just enjoying nature,” another tourist stated.

    Some of the activities to enjoy on the island include boat riding, creek fishing, bird watching, kayaking, and beach funfair (swimming, hiking, and sand bathing).

    Tourists planning to visit the little piece of paradise are urged to carry sunscreen. They will get a chance to see crocodiles, numerous exotic birds, and an excursion along the Ramisi river.

    It is also home to five sea turtle species – leatherback, loggerhead, green, hawksbill, and olive ridley.

    On the island, tourists get to complement Kenyan cuisines with food from Italy, and China. 

    An outdoor setup at the beach on Funzi island, Kwale county

    An outdoor setup at the beach on Funzi island, Kwale county


    Mangroves at Funzi island, Kwale county

    Mangroves at Funzi island, Kwale county


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