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President William Ruto visited Huawei’s exhibition

President William Ruto visited Huawei’s exhibition

President William Ruto visited Huawei’s exhibition stand at Kenya Innovation Week and spent several minutes learning about 5G technologies, digital power, enterprise transformation and how they can benefit Kenya.

Ruto saw the first indoor 5G site in the region, solar power solutions and smart boards with video conferencing that are used in telemedicine.

When viewing the telemedicine demonstration on the IdeaHub smart board at the Huawei Exhibition at KIW Ruto commented that “even if a doctor is not on site, he can leverage on technology, for the doctor to treat a patient in a remote place.”

A doctor was using Huawei Cloud Meeting to communicate from a hospital.

Huawei’s exhibition also demonstrated how 5G and Wi-Fi technology can improve the efficiency and safety of ports and factories.

Ruto also saw Huawei’s digital power products that were exhibited, which are used in Kenya’s largest solar farm, and are now being used by homes and businesses across the country.

They saw some of the other products that Huawei exhibited including leading smart office and smart consumer products, Huawei Cloud and various Enterprise IT equipment as part of Huawei’s support for Kenya Innovation Week.

Ruto noted that the government is “developing relevant policies that will nurture and stimulate innovation in Kenya in appreciation that innovation has the power to accelerate productivity, generate gainful employment, and create wealth for millions of ordinary people.”

In his remarks, he also highlighted that this is not just about innovation week, it is about a whole of government and society’s approach to doing things differently and recognizing the advantages Kenya has in the digital or technology space.

He committed to leveraging on technology to deal with the challenges of employment by getting more young people to access the internet and use their talent and expertise to create the future.

The President pledged to galvanize the digital economy and emphasized the government’s commitment to mainstreaming innovation into public and private sectors including enhancing the uptake of emerging technologies.

During the exhibition tour, he spoke to Dr. Tariya Makotsi from AAR Healthcare who explained how using 5G on an ambulance can enable a doctor sitting in the hospital to provide remote support to patients in the ambulance by viewing ultra-high definition video footage as well as patient’s vital data.

He saw himself on Huawei’s high-quality camera and spoke to a doctor remotely through Huawei’s Ideahub smart video conference product.

He also spoke to Julie Makena from Astral Aerial, who has been using industrial drones to help with spraying of farms, mapping farms, and monitoring the health of crops through various drone photography.

Julie explained how 5G will help stream higher quality video data from multiple streams to provide better data for analysis as well as how they could control the drone better using the 5G network even at great distances.

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