Biden References 2010 Constitution at High-End Dinner at White House

  • US President Joe Biden made reference to the 2010 Kenyan Constitution while hosting a high-level delegates dinner at the White House during the sidelines of the US – Africa Leaders summit.

    In his address on Wednesday, December 14, Biden cited the preamble of the constitution – We the people of Kenya  – noting the importance of the words.

    He emphasized the core essence of the words, adding that they were also inscribed in the American constitution and also referenced in the constitutions of other countries.

    “They are the leading words of many of your constitutions. For example; We the people of Kenya.

    US President Joe Biden addressing the US - Africa Business Forum on December 14, 2022.

    US President Joe Biden addressing the US – Africa Business Forum on December 14, 2022.


    President Biden

    “We the people – reminds us that our countries’ greatest strength lies in just that: Our people,” he stated.

    Biden revealed that the meaning behind the powerful words informed their decision to pick the slogan as their theme for the festivities.

    “We have decorated the holidays around a theme, which every year the President picks a theme or the First Lady picks a theme for the holidays. 

    “And the theme this year was ‘We the People’,” he revealed.

    Further, he credited his former boss, Barrack Obama for initiating the summit which had created opportunities for investments in the continent.

    He also promised to continue championing investments in Africa.

    “I have never been more optimistic about our shared future because of our people because, particularly of our young people in all our countries.

    “As leaders, our people inspire us. They awaken in us the possibilities that are within our grasp. And there are so many possibilities if we work together,” Biden stated.

    The US president was hosting various African leaders attending the summit for dinner.

    Also present at the dinner hosted by Vice President Kamala Harris. The African delegation was led by President Macky Sall of Senegal.

    Former US President Barrack Obama speaking at a past conference.

    Former US President Barrack Obama speaking at a past conference.


    Barrack Obama

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