Revolt in KANU After Gideon Moi Suspends Nick Salat

  • A section of  Kenya African National Union (KANU) leadership on Thursday, December 15, rejected the suspension of Secretary General Nick Salat. 

    In a letter seen by Kenyans.co.ke, KANU National First Vice Chairman, Thomas Ojanga, warned Moi against undertaking unlawful pronouncements on important party issues.

    “Today, from a hurriedly convened illegal National Executive Council meeting in an unpublished location in Nakuru County, the Hon. Gideon Moi issued a letter, citing article 7.2(a) of a fraudulent KANU Constitution, to announce the suspension of Hon. Nick Salat as the Secretary General of the Kenya African National Union Party,” Ojanga stated in a statement.

    According to Ojanga the document ratified by the National Delegates Congress (NDC) of 2012 was the only valid KANU Constitution. 

    Gideon Moi

    KANU Chairman Gideon Moi (left) and the suspended Secretary General Nick Salat (right).

    Twitter/Standard Digital

    He claimed that the party had not organised any other NDC to ratify the constitution.

    “Therefore any other documents presented as KANU Constitution, or in use elsewhere including the NEC of today and including the one deposited at the ORPP are fraudulent,” Ojanga claimed.

    Ojanga lamented that there has not been any party elections in 15 years, noting that all national officials are on interim basis until the offices shall be duly constituted in accordance with the constitution of 2012 Article 5 (c) of the valid KANU Constitution 2012.

    “An official elected to be President, Governor, Senator, Member of Parliament, County Assembly Representative or appointed Deputy President, Cabinet Secretary Deputy Governor or any other public office shall automatically relinquish party position,” he claimed.  

    Ojanga claims that in accordance with the KANU Constitution therefore, Gideon has not been the Chairman of KANU (interim or elected) in the period from 2013 to 2022 in which he was Baringo Senator even though he has fraudulently presented himself in the public domain as such.

    “Gideon Moi has therefore no powers to call a KANU NEC let alone suspend the Secretary General of KANU.

    “The KANU Party is not his private property and not part of his inheritance from the former Chairman and late President Daniel Arap Moi,” Ojanga asserted.

    On Thursday, December 15, Gedion suspended Salat from the party, claiming that the former Secretary General had violated the party’s Constitution.

    KANU claims that Salat was temporarily relieved from his duties as a member of Kanu’s secretariat for 30 days.

    “This is to notify you that at the National Executive Committee meeting on December 15, several complaints on your conduct and violation of the party Constitution were placed before the members for discussion. 

    “You are hereby suspended forthwith from carrying out and or performing your duties as the party’s Secretary General pending the determination of the disciplinary,” the statement read in part.

    KANU Sec Gen and Agricultural Development Corporation Chairperson Nick Salat attending a funera in Migori on March 29, 2021

    Former KANU Sec Gen and Agricultural Development Corporation Chairperson Nick Salat attending a funeral in Migori on March 29, 2021



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