Services Hampered as Kenya Railways Trains Break Down

  • Hundreds of commuters who were destined for Nairobi’s Central Business District on the morning of Thursday, December 15, were inconvenienced after two trains broke down.

    Through an alert issued by Kenya Railways on the same day, the Corporation noted that the affected trains plied Lukenya and Syokimau but it was still unclear what caused the disruption.

    Services on the other routes feeding into the Central Business District (CBD) remained, however, unaffected.

    “The Lukenya and Syokimau Commuter Services to CBD have experienced a disruption. Services plying other routes are unaffected,” Kenya Railways announced.

    Workers at the Nairobi Central Railway Station in 2020

    Workers at the Nairobi Central Railway Station in 2020

    Kenya Railways

    In Lukenya, two trains were scheduled to depart for Nairobi Central Station – one at 5.45am and arrive at 7.40am while the second train was to leave at 7.00am and arrive at 8.55am.

    In Syokimau, four trains were scheduled to depart in the morning beginning at 6:20am and the last one leaving at 10:40am. It was, however, not clear which trains suffered mechanical hitches.

    “We sincerely apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused,” Kenya Railways added.

    The commuter service also noted that it was working to restore the affected services.

    In the past, the some of the causes of disruptions were due to the pandemic that restricted movement.

    In 2021, a Standard Guage Railway (SGR) train stopped midway on its way from Nairobi to Mombasa over a safety scare on the rail path.

    “When the train stopped, we were told that there was a section of the track had been damaged, which could have resulted in greater loss if we proceeded,” one of the passengers stated.

    Some of the safety procedures conducted by train attendants before departure include interior and exterior inspection of the train and checking teh water and oil levels.

    On the exterior of the train, relevant authorities check the brake lights, turn signals, the wheels, tail lights, emergency signs, the windows among others.

    While in the interior, train attendants check the luggage racks, aisle ways, seats, lighting, air conditioning, floors, doors etc.

    The Nairobi Central Railway Station in Nairobi City.

    The Nairobi Central Railway Station in Nairobi City.


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