Top Politician Exposes Tricks Rogue Police Officers Use to Exploit Kenyans

  • Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot on Friday, December 16, revealed the tricks that some rogue police officers use to make millions of shilling from companies that are manufacturing illegal alcohol. 

    In a statement, Cheruiyot noted that he had compiled a list of reprobate officers who are working in cahoots with other governmental agencies to frustrate the Kenya Kwanza administration.

    He claimed that the police officers are out to ensure that President William Ruto’s effort to curb illegal manufacturing is defeated.

    “I hereby repeat, look for a new play ground, Not Kericho. Not Kenya,” Cheruiyot warned.

    Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot address the press in Parliament

    Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot address the press in Parliament


    The Senate Majority Leader claimed that the rogue officers have formed a cartel that tactically intercepts long distance trucks on highways.

    Cheruiyot was making reference to a lorry that had been impounded by Kericho police officers for distributing counterfeit liquor products.

    “To the owner of this vehicle and the counterfeit liquor products, I have news for you.

    “You will not destroy the lives of the young people in my county, it is you, the police officers you have compromised that will instead be destroyed,” Cheruiyot wrote on Twitter.

    Cheruiyot further warned the corrupt police officers of dire consequences, including sending them out of the county.

    “Mtahama Kericho na Kenya (You will get out of Kericho County and Kenya,” Cheruiyot wrote on Twitter.

    Cheruiyot asked the police officers who impounded the lorry ignore any threats from their superiors. 

    “I also have the names of senior Kenya Police officials who are part of the syndicate and are now calling the gallant police officers who impounded the  lorry and are now  threatening them,” Cheruiyot claimed.

    President Ruto had directed government agencies to go slow on issuing distress orders that trigger asset seizures of suspected tax evaders.

    The president asked the agencies to desist from seizing the assets of suspected tax evaders and disabling businesses through forcible occupations and blockade of bank accounts.

    We reached out to the National Police Service through the office of Spokesperson for a comment, but there was no response by the time of publishing this article.

    In its 2018 Corruption Index, the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) ranked police as the most corrupt in the country.

    “Kenya Police was ranked first followed National Police Service Commission (13.7%), Public Hospitals (9.8%), Kenya Revenue Authority (8.2%), National Land Commission (7.3%), National Transport and Safety Authority (4.9%) and Immigration Department (4.3%),” shared.

    EACC has maintained serious crackdown on corrupt leaders and government officials, including police officers.

    Police scan through part of the stolen goods recovered in Naivasha on Tuesday, December 13, 2022..jpg

    Police scan through part of the stolen goods recovered in Naivasha on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

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