Woman Jumps Off Six-Floor Building in Nairobi, Leaves Note to Employer

  • A 22-year-old woman was on Friday, December 16 admitted to hospital after jumping from the sixth floor of a building in Parklands, Nairobi.

    The woman reportedly used the apartment’s rooftop to dive out of the building, putting her life in danger.

    However, her suicide mission did not succeed as she fell on a car windscreen, that offered her a safer landing pad.

    “She escaped death with serious cuts on her body but we hope that she will not die,” Parklands police confirmed.

    An Image of a police station.

    An Image of a police station.


    Police report showed that she lived with her sister in the same building from where she attempted to take her own life.

    “The incident happened at 2 am on Friday morning, and she was immediately taken for a medical check up,” the police report noted.

    It was also revealed that the victim had sent a text message to her sister, detailing a plan to end her life.

    In a text message, she told her sister that she had written two suicide notes, and strategically placed them within the house.

    According to her sister, one of the suicide notes was directed to her employer while the other was meant for her family.

    The woman who is fighting for his life decried frustration from a number of people who could not listen to her .

    “We will wait for her to heal before we could interrogate her, based on the applicable laws of the land,” police detailed in a statement.

    Attempted suicide is a criminal offense in Kenya, and is punishable by a jail term.

    The World Health Organisation’s research shows that suicide cases are majorly attributed to joblessness, death, academic failures or pressures, legal difficulties and financial difficulties.

    WHO also identifies bullying, previous suicide attempts, history of suicide in a family, alcoholism and substance misuse, depression and bipolar disorder as other causes.

    Counsellors, medics, and psychologists advise you always to seek help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199, for support.

    Kenya Police officers during a pass out parade.

    Kenya Police officers during a pass out parade.


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