Unique Ksh5,000 Gas Cylinder Cabinet Elicites Debate

  • Kenyans online were mesmerised by the innovative idea of carpenters for the affordable kitchen cabinet whose photos were widely shared online.

    The tweet shared on Friday, December 17 garnered 2,588 likes and 264 retweets.

    From the post, the piece of furniture was allegedly from Meru County. However, those around Nairobi can grab their own at approximately Ksh5,000 from Umoja and other estates.

    A sample of the unique kitchen cabinet made in Kenya

    A sample of the unique kitchen cabinet made in Kenya


    The idea was well received by Kenyans who termed it as innovative, creative, and a good way for the youth to employ themselves at a time when the cost of living has been skyrocketing.

    Others requested similar designs to help them bring order in their kitchens as the furniture holds the gas cylinder and other kitchen supplies.

    Some people were puzzled about how the gas cylinder got into the cabinet questioning what process is to be followed when one wants to refill.

    However, others decided to chip into the conversation with hilarious comments stating that one would carry the cabinet to refill the gas cylinder.

    Additionally, others noted that the unique design was well-suited for university students popularly known as comrades.

    Another tweep comically remarked that the piece of furniture was practical in cases when food spills from the pan and will land on the table.

    “I think safety should come first, the margin between the wood and the burner seems to close,” one of them observed. 

    Recently, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) warned Kenyans about placing their gas cylinders near a fire.

    It also advised that before buying a gas cylinder, one should ensure it has met guidelines set by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).

    “In case of a malfunction, if any, do not try to repair or fix them, instead call for help from your licensed Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) retailer,” EPRA added.

    File photo of Gas Cylinders on display at an outlet in Nairobi City

    File photo of Gas Cylinders on display at an outlet in Nairobi City


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