Ex-Nation Media Journalist Fired While Taking Tea With Boss in Hotel

  • Former Nation Media Group (NMG) journalist, George Mulala, revealed how he was unceremoniously fired from his workplace.

    In a post seen by Kenyans.co.ke on Wednesday, January 25, Mulala recounted depressing moments which left him thinking about ever working in a media house again.

    For eight years, Mulala worked at Reuters where he was even declared Chief Photographer Eastern Africa 2002. A tea moment with his boss turned tragic as he was ambushed with a firing message.

    “I worked under the most inhumane conditions, in danger, photographing as a stringer with a tiny salary. Just when I was starting to enjoy the sweat of my labour,  my bureau chief, invited me for a quick “cup of tea” at the Grand Regency hotel where he quickly and swiftly fired me. Reason? Didn’t bother to explain,” he noted.

    A file photo of journalist George Mulala in Seattle, Washington

    A file photo of journalist George Mulala in Seattle, Washington


    George Mulala

    The legendary journalist was reportedly denied a chance to get back his belongings from the office.

    Having not given up, Mulala landed a job at NMG where he become a contributor earning Ksh500 for a photo published but later worked hard for a promotion.

    “I was the laughing stock of the industry. Again after years of working through the ranks, I became Nation‘s photo editor,” he noted.

    His former boss, who sent him home, learnt of his new job.

    “He arranged for a meeting with one of the bosses. Shortly after that, I was sacked. He frog-matched me out of the newsroom at 3 pm, at the climax of newspaper production,” he explained.

    “Two months later he called me and asked me if I was “enjoying my holiday”. Meanwhile my flat in Highrise was locked for rent arrears and I had just relocated my family to Ukambani,” he stated.

    In the village, his wife contracted hepatitis C from unclean drinking water.

    “She later passed on in 2019,” he narrated.

    Photo Journalist George Mulala while working as staff photographer at Standard Media Group

    Photo Journalist George Mulala while working as a staff photographer at Standard Media Group


    George Mulala

    Mulala later joined Standard Media Group in 2006 as a staff photographer where he worked until he took voluntary early retirement in 2015.

    “In 2007 they “exiled” me to Nyeri fearing I might compromise my bosses. Five years later I returned as its photo editor,” he expounded.

    His story came at a time when media houses in Kenya are struggling to remain afloat, with some like the Standard Group, having declare redundancies.

    “I see guys in Kenyan media today complaining that they were made redundant at a time when they dearly needed their jobs to keep body and soul together. Then I recall my tragedies,” he related.

    Mulala relocated to Seattle, Washington.

    His experience mirrors traumatizing experiences that some Kenyan journalists harbour. Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet revealed how she was sacked while preparing to interview a Cabinet Secretary.

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