5 Common Mistakes Poultry Farmers Make in Kenya

  • Poultry farming is one of the most popular farming activities in Kenya. It is a key economic activity as well as a contributor to food security.

    However, many Kenyans do not optimize revenue from chicken rearing because of common mistakes made due to a lack of experience or knowledge.

    Kenyans.co.ke compiled 5 common mistakes poultry farmers make in Kenya.

    Free range chicken in Kenya

    Free-range chicken in Kenya


    Not promptly noticing a sick bird

    A sick bird can quickly cause an outbreak to the whole brood causing untold losses.

    As a poultry farmer, you must be mindful of normal behavior and quickly spot signs of illness.

    Once you identify a sick or injured chicken, isolate it for treatment. This ensures the disease doesn’t spread from bird to bird.

    Keeping toxic chemicals inside the poultry house

    Most chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and rat poisons, are deadly to chicken.

    As a farmer, avoid spraying chemicals or leaving toxins lying around near the chicken coop.

    If you keep your chicken on free range, make sure they do not feed on grass or plants that have been recently sprayed.

    This is to avoid the flock eating the grass which would result in them ingesting the chemicals, which can cause illness or death to your birds as advised by Poultry Farmer journal.


    According to All Things Poultry Journal, a high stocking density (HSD) of 20 birds/square metre reduce the growth rate and white blood cell count of broilers.

    “For laying hens, reducing the amount of space allowed for each bird result in increased mortality and a gradual reduction in egg production,” the journal further explains.

    A broiler chicken of 18 days old needs a space of 450 sq. cm while from 19-42, days old will require 1000sq.cm.

    Not choosing the right breed

    If you are keeping chicken for commercial purposes, getting the right breed is key.

    According to a study done by Agri Farming, the type of breed is determined by your desired goal.

    “If you want to sell eggs, do not make the mistake of buying a breed that is optimal for broilers,” farmers are advised.

    Poor hygiene

    Before bringing chickens to the farm, make sure that the farm is antibacterial and antiviral.

    Research done by Poultry Farm Guide revealed that keeping birds in poorly ventilated and dark enclosures can lead to health problems such as respiratory problems, pest infestation, and reduced egg production.

    A chicken farm in Kenya

    A chicken farm in Kenya


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