UoN Alumnus Making Waves in Canada Rewarded After 25 Years

  • George Mutwiri, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan (USask), is making waves in Canada with his great achievements.

    Mutwiri, who earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nairobi in 1985, is among a few individuals celebrated in Canada for promoting inclusion during Black History Month.

    According to a statement dated Wednesday, February 1, the University of Saskatchewan hailed Doctorate holder for helping the institution attract students from 130 countries.

    Mutwiri, who accepted his first research position at the institution in 1997, influenced over 400 black students to move to Canada.

    File photo of George Mutwiri, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada

    File photo of George Mutwiri, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada


    “As the university celebrates and spotlights Black History Month throughout the month of February, Mutwiri has embraced becoming a role model for young students and young researchers at USask, from near and far,” the University of Saskatchewan stated.

    Due to his contribution for over 25 years, Mutwiri was appointed as a member of the senior leadership team, which makes critical education decisions.

    “I’m very proud of a lot of things, but from this position, looking back through my career here, I am proud that I do inspire, even in a small way, a lot of Black students, and from other cultures as well,” Mutwiri stated following the appointment.

    “Having been here this long and having risen to senior leadership, people see that this university is embracing diversity, inclusion, and equity, and sees beyond the colour of your skin to one’s character and I am inspired by that,” he added.

    Following his contribution, Mutwiri won over three awards and grants from different organisations in Canada. His wife, Betty Mutwiri, was also named among Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch in 2022.

    Mutwiri’s children are also actively involved in different empowerment programmes changing perceptions in Canada.

    Before graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 2021, Mutwiri’s eldest son helped co-found the USask Black Medical Students Association in 2020.

    The association is one of many groups created to support an increasing black student population on campus.

    Front view of the University of Saskatchewan (USask) in Canada

    Front view of the University of Saskatchewan (USask) in Canada.


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