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Makadara Member of Parliament and chairman of ODM party in Nairobi George Aladwa

Makadara Member of Parliament and chairman of ODM party in Nairobi George Aladwa

Makadara Member of Parliament and chairman of the ODM party in Nairobi George Aladwa has told off president William Ruto for dragging former president Uhuru Kenyatta at his fault to fail in delivering his promises.

He said it is wrong to antagonize a former head of state.

Aladwa’s statement comes after the Kenya Kwanza administration accused Uhuru of funding Azimio rallies to evade tax.

“What is appalling is that the President has found it convenient to drag the name of his predecessor in the clever way of covering his failure to deliver a myriad of promises he made to Kenyans during the campaigns before last year’s election,” Aladwa said.

He said Ruto and his allies’ claims about Uhuru funding the ongoing Azimio rallies are hot air.

“Raila Odinga and his troops have for the last 30 plus years held rallies across the country to agitate for reforms and push for policies that are pro-people.”

“Has UDA just woken up to realize that Baba is doing what he does best? Has Uhuru Kenyatta been funding these rallies since the 1990s?” Aladwa asked.

He said that even with heightened statements in rallies, Ruto and his attack dogs have failed to provide any information on how much the Kenyattas own the taxman.

“Ruto regime has reneged on its promise to address the cost of living and instead Ruto has turned into Zakayo of the Bible who is unjustly seeking to double or even triple the tax burden to Kenyans.”

He questioned President’s key appointments for having doubtful characters.

“As the opposition, we will not tire to remind the President that his manifesto does not include the topic, Uhuru Kenyatta. Let Ruto keep off the former President and instead concentrate on governing the country or else just resign and go home.”

He asked Ruto to use legal systems and institutions within the state to address what his predecessor failed to achieve and avoid addressing them in mob lynching at political rallies.

He also said the president has failed to control the high cost of living.

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