Allan Namu Lands Senior Role at Reuters

  • African Uncensored Chief Executive Officer John Allan Namu has been appointed as a member of the Reuters Institute advisory group.

    In a statement from Reuters on Tuesday, February 7, Namu will join the team of high-profile figures in the global journalism field serving as members of the advisory group.

    The advisory group, according to Reuters, provides insights informing the activities and operations of the institute. 

    Undated Photo of Investigative Journalist John Allan Namu

    Undated Photo of Investigative Journalist John Allan Namu

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    The former NTV and KTN journalist welcomed the new role, terming it an honour. He shared his delight in his new role, adding that he was looking forward to learning and contributing towards leadership in journalism. 

    “I am honoured to be joining the board. I am very excited for the opportunity to learn and contribute to thought leadership in journalism!”

    On its part, Reuters described Namu as a perfect fit for the advisory role. The Canada-based news agency noted that Namu and the three other newbies selected for the role would be valuable additions and expected to offer guidance based on their experiences in the industry. 

    “Through their appointments, they will provide valuable guidance and suggestions for our activities and help to further the board’s role in creating a network between the Institute and major organisations in the world of journalism,” the statement read in part.

    Namu is known for his prowess in investigative journalism over his years in journalism. He is credited for having worked on exposes that unravelled several mysteries and suspicious activities in the Kenyan society. 

    Among the most notable pieces to his is an investigative piece titled “Inside Al Shabab” produced in 2013 about Kenya’s operation Linda Nchi in Somalia during his days at KTN.

    He would later join NTV before parting ways with the Nation Media Group-owned broadcaster to establish his own investigative media company.

    His career in the industry spans over 20 years, making remarkable milestones in each of the companies he set his foot.

    In his current role, Namu has been involved in the production of African Uncensored’s docu-series named “The Last Door”. 

    Investigative journalist John Allan Namu(left) and Journalist James Japicha Black(right) during a documentary -shooting on February 21, 2013

    Investigative journalist John Allan Namu(left) and Journalist James Japicha Black(right) during a documentary -shooting on February 21, 2013


    John Allan Namu

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