Passengers Allow Super Metro Driver to Rush Pregnant Woman to Hospital

  • In an industry often marred by unruly recklessness, Super Metro Company Limited is renowned for setting the standards owing to its professional service to customers. 

    One of its employees was hailed by passengers after a ride on one Sunday afternoon, February 12, turned out to save the life of an unborn child and its mother. 

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Daniel Nderitu, one of the drivers of Super Metro, detailed how he took a detour and rushed a pregnant lady to the hospital before embarking on dropping the other passengers. 

    An image of a new fleet of Super Metro buses unveiled during launch on November 4, 2021.

    An image of a new fleet of Super Metro buses unveiled during launch on November 4, 2021.


    Super Metro

    “It was on a Sunday afternoon, I was heading to Thika and so I picked up the lady and her friend at the Sewage area, along the Thika Superhighway at around 3:00 pm. 

    “Instantly, I noticed through the CCTV on the bus, how she was in pain and kept moving around,” he pointed out. 

    According to Nderitu, her friend was oblivious to the signs but as a father, he affirmed that his intuition came into play as he noticed that the lady was having labour pains.

    Instead of going to Thika, I enquired from the passenger seated next to me about the nearest general hospital which was Thika Level 5 hospital. So I decided not to drop off any passenger en route to Thika but head to the hospital straight,” he noted. 

    In a race against time, Nderitu drove to Thika town before proceeding to Thika Level 5 hospital. 

    “When we arrived, the lady had collapsed so we rushed in and called for the nurses who took her and rushed her inside. The young lady seemed so young, she could be aged either 19 or 20,” Nderitu highlighted. 

    Asked whether the other passengers complained about not arriving at their destination first, Nderitu revealed that they lauded him for the move. 

    He also pointed out that they offered the pregnant lady a free trip as they did not charge her for the ride. 

    Section of Thika Superhighway

    Section of Thika Superhighway

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