Kenya Power Announces Blackout In Nairobi Estates and 8 Other Counties 

  • Kenya Power (KPLC), through a public notice on Tuesday, February 14, announced power outages in Nairobi and 8 other counties on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

    According to the power distributor, the affected areas are expected to experience 8-hour power outages from 9:00 AM due to planned routine network maintenance. 

    Among the areas that will be affected by the planned routine network maintenance in Nairobi include South BS/Centre, Mariakani estate, Kenol, Elimu Sacco, Part of Golden gate, Balozi estate, Mater hospital, Highway secondary school, KIMC, and South B police station. 

    Additionally, areas in Gacharage that will be affected include parts of Ruaka between Gacharage and Ndenderu Junction, National Oil Ndenderu, Shell Ndenderu, Banana, and adjacent areas. 

    Kenya Power building in Nairobi CBD.

    Kenya Power building in Nairobi CBD.


    “Parts of Kiambu county including Kimende, Magina, Mirangi, Kirenga, Rivelco, and Kinale will experience blackout from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM,” Kenya Power stated in the notice. 

    Kenya Power further announced that parts of Tala Market in Machakos, Kangundo, Katwanyaa, Kambusu, and other adjacent areas will experience blackout from 9:00 AM.

    “In addition, parts of Wote road in Machakos including Mbembani, Ngiini, Kutuaa, Mutulani, Kola, and adjacent areas will be affected,” the announcement noted.

    It further announced that parts of Uasin Gishu would also experience a power outage including Kaptagat areas, Wonifour areas, and Lengwai areas up to 4:00 PM.

    According to Kenya Power, areas in Kisumu that will be affected include K-City, Nightingale, Jalaram, Kisumu law courts, and the lands offices. 

    Moreover, the routine maintenance would also affect parts of Vihiga including Kiboswa market, Boyani, Grand Royal Swiz hotel, Givole, and the adjacent areas.

    “Parts of Migori county including Nyabisawa, Kababu, God Kwer, St Peter’s Abwao Secondary school, and parts of Nyamira including Kerema, Nyangoge, and Kiabonyori areas will be affected from 9:00 Am to 3:00 PM.

    “Areas affected in Nyeri include Ngaini and Hiringa areas like Maganjo, Chieni, Thaithi, Mikundi, Kianjogu, and Kahiarini and in addition areas adjacent to Tetu, Kigogoini, and Ihwa areas,” Kenya Power added. 

    Additionally, Kenya Power stated that individuals affected by the blackouts who would not be in the mentioned areas could contact them through their social media pages for assistance. 


    Kenya Power engineers carry out repairs at a power sub-station in Mombasa County in 2018


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