Police Raid Matiang'i's Home

  • Police officers on Wednesday, February 15, raided the home of former Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi.

    Eight Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) vehicles were on the compound during an operation which was supposedly meant to retrieve CCTV footage.

    Matiang’i’s lawyer Dunstan Omari confirmed the raid, and noted that the police officers acted against a court order which barred the investigators from forcefully retrieving the CCTV footage. 

    “They arrested the watchman when he tried to raise alarm over the raid on former CS Matiangi’s home,” Dunstan Omari claimed. 

    Former Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i's watchman named Edgar - speaking to the media (left) and a broken gate at the former CS's home in Karen (right).

    Former Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i’s watchman named Edgar speaking to the media (left) and a broken gate at the former CS’s home in Karen (right).


    Omari confirmed that Matiang’i was not at home when the police officers stormed and ransacked his Karen home. 

    According to Omari, the police officers also broke doors leading to Matiangi’s home and demanded access to all the rooms in the house. 

    “I know more than twenty police officers who raided Matiangi’s home by name, and given a chance I would identify them one by one,” Omari claimed. 

    DCI boss Amin Mohamed, in a statement to newsrooms, explained that the directorate had obtained a court order allowing them to search Matiang’i’s Karen home. 

    “Upon completing our investigation, we will take action if any officers from any security agency were involved in any unauthorized activities, or if any false information was knowingly disseminated by anyone to the public,” DCI noted in a statement.

    Police officers took off when Matiang’i’s lawyers arrived at the compound and demanded to be given a court order allowing them to access the home. 

    Omari claimed that the DCI officers dismantled the CCTV systems and the footage which had recorded the previous raid on the same premises.

    On Wednesday, February 15, DCI made an application seeking an order to allow them retrieve the CCTV footage from a security firm which mans Dr Matiangi’s home.

    “That an order be and is hereby issued compelling the manager of Amsee Security Services Limited (the Respondent), in person or through a nominee, to extract and avail to the Applicant, through No. 235834 C.1 EUNICE NIUE, a police officer and an investigator attached to County DCI Headquarters Nairobi (Applicant), with the footages for the period between 6:00am on 8th February, 2023 and 11:00 on 9th February, 2023 captured by the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) installed and or controlled by the Respondent at the residence of lion. Dr Fred Matiang’i the former cabinet secretary of Interior and National Security,” DCI pleaded with the court. 

    However, the court declined to order the security firm to furnish its detectives with a certificate of production of electronic evidence of the CCTV footage.

    Police vehicles at former Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i's home in Karen on Wednesday February 15, 2022

    Police vehicles at former Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i’s home in Karen on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

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