Ribbon Windows: Fancy Modern House Design Enticing Kenyans

  • As Kenyans embrace modern home designs, ribbon windows are playing a major role in making the building more attractive to the buyer.

    Reportedly the term was introduced in the 1920s by Le Corbusier in his architectural principle ‘Five Points of New Architecture’ that include support, roof gardens, free design of the ground plan, and free design of the facade.

    They can be also referred to as strip windows since they consist of a series of windows that form a continuous band across the facade of a building.

    An example of some ribbon windows installed in the bathroom by tatestudio architects

    An example of some ribbon windows installed in the bathroom by tatestudio architects

    tatestudio architects

    They are different from the conventional square-rectangular windows that are constructed on specific parts of the house.

    On the other hand, ribbon windows are constructed at any part of the house adding class and more natural light as needed.

    Ribbon windows can run from one corner of the house to other as well as from the top to the bottom adding to the allure of the home.

    According to House Designs Kenya, an architectural design firm, the windows create an unencumbered view of the surrounding environment.

    “Apart from giving you a great panoramic view and are a stylish design feature, too,” the firm added.

    Additionally, these architectural marvels can be used in the bedroom, sitting room, office, or kitchen where they contribute to the natural light.

    They are built with long horizontal and short vertical frames that consequently define the shape of the room.

    In most homes, the windows create the illusion of a hanging building or a disconnect between two parts of the house. This can be seen clearly if the window runs from corner to corner.

    In addition to the natural light, the windows provide extra space to place books in the office, and flowers in the living area or the kitchen.

    “Homeowners can utilise these types of windows to great effect, providing a modern and sleek focal point that feels open and spacious. The can be placed low like a normal window or higher up on a wall to still allow for light and maintain privacy,” Replacement Windows Connect, window contractors, advised on its website.

    However one of the disadvantage of the windows is the high cost in installation.

    An example of a houses with ribbon windows.

    An example of a houses with ribbon windows.

    Stephan Braunfels Architekten/Yoritaka Hayashi Architects

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