Inside Cost-Effective Technology Used to Build Houses in 10 Weeks

  • One of the world’s largest 3D Construction sites in Kilifi reported that through one 3D printer, it built 10 houses in 10 weeks, averaging one house per week. 

    Among the houses built at Mvule Gardens are six three-bedroom and four two-bedroom structures.  

    In a report dated Thursday, February 16, the construction company in charge of the project stated that 3D construction technology was an efficient way to build houses as it was faster and more cost-efficient. 


    Projected 3D printed house at Mvule Gardens in Kilifi.

    14 Trees

    “3D printing allows one to solve two problems at once. It enables faster construction of buildings and at the same time allows for achieving better cost efficiency,”  the managing Director, Francois Perrot, explained.

    In the second face of the project, 10 to 15 houses will cost 20 per cent lower than the standard construction cost. 

    “Using the 3D printing materials, we have already made a significant reduction in costs,” Perrot stated. 

    The houses, which will be selling at a minimum of Ksh3,610,000, comprise private backyards, a front porch, a garden, and parking spaces. 

    Perrot stated that Kilifi’s gated residence is expected to have up to 52 3D-printed houses

    Construction of the houses began in October 2022, after completing another 3D printed house in Athi River, the first 3D construction project in Kenya.

    3D printing is one of the many technologies Kenyans are adopting to save time and money, including building using polystyrene made from light cellular plastic foam.

    Other modern technologies include cross-wall construction, which involves casting concrete in a reusable mould.

    Moreover, constructors can also use that flat slab technology which involves using reinforced concrete slabs held directly by concrete columns.


    Workers at a building under construction

    Workers at a building under construction


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