The Rich Are Using Schools We Built – Police Cry to Maraga

  • Police officers presented their grievances to former Chief Justice David Maraga, the National Police and Prisons Reforms Taskforce chair, with frustrations in their workplaces, listed top of the list. 

    Speaking to the media on Wednesday, February 15, the officers from various police stations in Kirinyaga lamented how the police force had neglected them.

    They announced that their benefits were being enjoyed by other people illegally as they had been excluded and left to suffer.

    According to the cops, money is deducted from their payslips to build schools, but their children are denied admission to the same institutions.

    Former CJ and National Police and Prisons Reforms Taskforce chair David Maraga at the Garissa Main Prison on February 6, 2023

    Former CJ and National Police and Prisons Reforms Taskforce chair David Maraga at the Garissa Main Prison on February 6, 2023


    Police and Prison Reforms Task Force

    “There are these schools we call Utimishi and Utawala academies. It is unfortunate that we cannot get slots in these schools. There are now used by the rich, politicians, and other leaders,” they cried out.

    Commenting on the transport allowances offered, the officers noted that the amount of fuel they are limited to use daily was restricted, forcing them to use their own money.

    “About fuel, we have been given 15 liters a day, 300km coverage. Is it really practical?” they questioned.

    They also explained how they were not considered for retirement benefits.

    “I am only 54 years now. I only have five years to retire. When I see how my fellow officers suffered after retiring, I get disturbed. My sons have been saying that they can never be police officers owingto my frustrations,” they uttered.

    Female officers claimed they were never given enough parenting time and were forced to leave newborns to resume work.

    “Sometimes you are forced to leave behind a six-month-old kid in the house to come to look after prisoners. There is no way I will work at peace,” she noted.

    Maraga has been touring various officers’ institutions, inspecting residential houses and registering their complaints.

    On February 7, he visited Shimo la Tewa Prison, where he appreciated the appealing residential houses former President Uhuru Kenyatta constructed.

    David Maraga

    Retired Chief Justice David Maraga taking oath of office as the Chair of the Taskforce on Police Reforms on Monday, January 9, 2023.


    Martha Koome

    He was, however, shocked to learn that civilians owned the houses, raising questions about how they were allowed to build rentals on prison land.

    “Out of the 101 staff that I have, only 49 are living inside here and they will tell you more when their time comes,” one of the officers reported.

    Maraga was also shocked to learn that Shimo La Tewa’s title deed was missing. 


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