Nduru Man Speaks on Missing Deals & Arrest at Ruto's Karen Home

  • Popular content creator Ian Asunya, alias Nduru Man, opened up for the first time after an uproar among Kenyans over deals awarded to viral whistling Tiktoker Priscilla Gakuru (Pricila wa Imani).

    Speaking during an interview on Thursday, February 16, Asunya stated that he did not feel any bias after Priscila was awarded mega deals for her viral videos.

    He stated that he was contented with his status explaining that the industry worked out differently for artists in the creative industry.

    “It is okay. Life is like that and we have to accept it,” he stated.


    Priscilla Gakuru ‘( wa Imani) poses for a photo with Keshine Investment Director Keziah Njuguna at the company’s offices on Saturday, February 11, 2023.

    Keshine Investment

    On the other hand, he explained his silence after going for four months without making any new content following his arrest at President William Ruto’s former residence in Karen.

    Contrary to reports that he had been put in prison, he maintained that he was dealing with personal issues.

    He stated that he would get back to content creation in the coming days.

    “It has been four months since I did any content because people go through stuff and not everyone can be able to comment on what they are going through.

    “It was actually worse when I went to the DP residence in Karen as I was in the cells for a day. At State House, I was let go after a few hours,” he stated.

    On her part, Priscila encouraged him to continue with his content creation noting that Nduru Man would get a breakthrough in his craft soon enough.

    “All I can say is that everyone has his or her day and when his day comes, it will come. All I can say is to encourage him to continue making his content. His day is coming,” she stated.

    After Priscila landed deals with a number of companies, there was heated debate on social media with a number of people claiming that the industry was rife with a gender bias towards Nduru Man.

    The whistling TikToker was appointed as the ambassador of Keshine Investment Company Ltd, a real estate firm.

    Tiktok star Ian Asunya famously known as Nduru man screaming at State House

    Tiktok star Ian Asunya famously known as Nduru man screaming at State House

    Ian Asunya’s Tiktok Account


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