Broken Land Cruiser's Rims After Accident Elicites Mixed Reactions

  • On Friday, February 17, former National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) director Mithamo Muchiri narrowly escaped death after his Land Cruiser’s wheels disintegrated.

    Muchiri shared the photo online, noting, “I had an accident at Kutus around 11 am today. But God is good. I was not hurt. Nobody was injured. I thank God.” 

    However, Kenyans quickly pointed out that the car rims on his SUV were ‘fake’ and may have resulted in the accident.

    Others questioned why he used ‘substandard’ car parts on the beloved SUV while pinpointing that such rims were sold in a popular area in the CBD.

    Land Cruiser belonging to former NTSA director Mithamo Muchiri involved in an accident on Friday February 17, 2023

    Land Cruiser belonging to former NTSA director Mithamo Muchiri involved in an accident on Friday, February 17, 2023


    Mithamo Muchiri

    Meanwhile, in a subsequent post, Muchiri shared frequently asked questions by Kenyans where he disclosed that he was driving at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

    He dismissed claims that the rims were from China, noting that those were just allegations from online users. 

    “I am equally clueless. I have driven vehicles for 18 years and have never experienced such an accident.  I was going to work,” he stated, answering what caused the accident.

    However, speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on Saturday, February 18, several car experts noted that the car rims were not fake as insinuated. Still, they were not the original rims of the vehicle.

    “Original rims do not break that easily. They may bend if the driver gets into an accident, and in rare instances, they may break,” the mechanic, at a petrol station in Westlands, stated. 

    He added that it all depended on the driver, where he was driving, the speed, and how he was driving. The expert pointed fingers at reckless drivers who put themselves and pedestrians at risk.

    On why motorists prefer to change rims for the new flashy ones, another expert noted that they are more appealing to the eye and even add value to the car when one intends to sell.

    “They are also not cheaper than the original rims. People just prefer them for their appearance,” he added.

    According to Alasiri Motors, changes on the car amplify the car’s value and boost the motorist’s premiums. 

    Former NTSA director Mithamo Muchiri's car in an accident on Friday February 17, 2023.

    Former NTSA director Mithamo Muchiri’s car in an accident on Friday, February 17, 2023.

    Mithamo Muchiri

    “Any modification or alteration on a vehicle that would otherwise make it function differently from manufacturer’s specifications will or may lead to a claim not being honoured by the insurance company,” the company stated.

    In addition, Alasiri Motors urged motorists seeking to modify their car to inform their insurer to work on a way forward.

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