Lilian Waithera Murder: CCTV Footage Reveals More Details in Shooting of NHIF Employee

  • CCTV footage capturing the shooting of National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) staff member, Lilian Waithera, along Kaunda Street on Monday, February 13 has emerged.

    The footage, which was obtained by NTV on Friday, February 17, shows Lilian walking alongside her colleague Damaris Achieng’ on a pavement next to a bank situated along the street at 5:12 pm

    Shortly after, the duo crosses the road to the other side of Kaunda Street.

    Three seconds after 5:13 pm, Lilian – wearing a black sweater-  is seen coming to an abrupt stop and moving backwards as she looks down.

    A photo collage of Lilian Waithera's portrait (left) and the NHIF main offices at Upper Hill Nairobi County (right).

    A photo collage of Lilian Waithera’s portrait (left) and the NHIF main offices at Upper Hill Nairobi County (right).



    Her colleague, who was also walking on her right-hand side, also becomes shocked by her friend’s movements and helps her move to the next pedestrian walk path 10 seconds past 5:13 pm.

    The duo used a space between two parked cars to get to the pedestrian lane where she then collapsed. Shockingly, there was no commotion on the street indicating that no one heard the shot.

    Minutes later, however, some individuals nearby were startled by the crowd that had started to gather next to Lilian and her colleague.

    “A lady came to our door and said that someone had been shot and that we should call an ambulance for her. We all panicked and ran outside to see what happened,” a shopkeeper on the street stated.

    An ambulance arrived at the scene at around 5: 30 pm and the paramedics took 11 minutes attending to the NHIF employee before she was rushed to the hospital.

    “Her face was facing downwards and the paramedics then came and tried to resuscitate her. That was the time we saw blood and it was not on her clothes.

    “She was bleeding from her nose and mouth and we wondered what happened,” the eyewitness recounted.

    CCTV footage of the shooting emerged a day after detectives visited the street to explore angles where the gun was fired even as the police investigate whether it was a targeted hit or a stray bullet.

    When Kenyans.co.ke reached out to a security expert, George Musali, the gunshot may have not been heard owing to the gun used and the noise on the street.

    He  indicated that if a snip the security expert explained that it was possible that the sniper could have either used a silencer or a point 22 (.22 rifle) – which sound like a clap when fired.

    “The trajectory of the bullet is from above meaning that there was a high possibility that there was someone laying in wait. What we should try to piece together is whether that was her normal route every day,”  Musamali explained.

    A photo collage of detectives at Kaunda Street where Lilian Waithera was killed on February 16, 2023 (left) and a sniper on a building (right).

    A photo collage of detectives at Kaunda Street where Lilian Waithera was killed on February 16, 2023 (left) and a sniper on a building (right).



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