Ex-Auntie Boss Star Reveals Why She Left Popular Inooro TV Show

  • Nyce Wanjeri, popularly known as Shiro due to her previous role in the popular NTV show Auntie Boss, opened up on why she quit working with Inooro TV.

    During an interview with online TV Kururia, on February 15, Wanjeri announced that she had officially left Ithaga Riene TV show after experiencing disrespect from her supervisors.

    She noted that despite the Royal Media Services-owned TV station being good to her and offering her the chance to showcase her skills after quitting Auntie Boss, she was not comfortable with the relationship between the supervisors and the artists on the show.

    “Conflict emerged with our supervisors and I experienced disrespect. There is no way I could have raised the issue with the managers having not come to a consensus with the supervisors,” the mother of one noted. 

    A file photo of actress Nyce Wanjeri

    A file photo of actress Nyce Wanjeri


    Nyce Wanjeri

    As a result of the disagreements with her supervisors, Wanjeri was fired together with other actors and actresses on the show. 

    “The environment was toxic, I would come home and rant. Hearing some of the people I called friends tarnish my name broke me. Actors have a very bad relationship among themselves,” she explained.

    Wanjeri recounted how the conflict began after COVID-19 hit the country forcing the media station to reduce their salaries, a situation that left her begging for as little as Ksh200 to buy food.

    “In a month I would receive Ksh16,000 or Ksh24,000 which was so little. We started negotiating because I felt in the four years I had not grown,” she narrated of her experience at the time. 

    Even though she praised her former bosses who gave her a lifeline she left Auntie Boss show in September 2018, her relationship with her immediate supervisors could not let her continue on the show. 

    “I worked so hard. I already had a fan base, and it was easy introducing a new character and making people love the new me,” she noted.

    Auntie Boss, a show on which Wanjeri made her name, came to an end in September 2020 after entertaining fans for eight years.

    It was a Kenyan comedy-drama television series that delved into the lives of the domestic house helps in a fictional Taifa Estate (Greenspan Estate) and their everyday drama within the neighbourhood.

    While signing off from the show which aired on NTV, Wanjeri stated that since she was no longer under the show and the production company, she could no longer engage as the beloved character.

    Addressing her fans, the actress explained; “I know I have no control over the millions of fans of the show referring to me as Shiro Warugongo on social media or on the streets, I will still take selfies with fans.

    “All I am trying to say is I no longer represent the company or the show or the character Shiro, so anything I do or say is for Nyce Wanjeri,” she clarified.

    Cast members of NTV's Auntie Boss show.

    Cast members of NTV’s Auntie Boss show.


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