Reasons Why Gazebos Are Usually Grass Thatched

  • A grass roof is the most commonly preferred type of roofing when it comes to gazebo construction.

    It is also preferred for cabin roofing in exotic and 5-star hotels in Kenya, especially those located in the coastal region.

    Kenyans.co.ke compiled reasons why most people prefer grass-thatched gazebos over other types of roofing.

    An image of grass thatched gazebo.

    An image of grass thatched gazebo.


    Cool temperatures

    Grass-thatched roofs offer gazebos cooler temperatures than corrugated or polycarbonate sheets.

    Grass thatch roofs cool the gazebo by ten to fifteen degrees. This is because, unlike other roofing materials, grass does not absorb heat, warming the shady area in the gazebo.

    This is because they allow warm air to escape and encourage circulation since thatch roofing is 100% airtight. 


    Grass thatch is considered to be eco-friendly. This is because the grass is recyclable whether natural or synthetic.

    Thatch reed is grown and harvested without machinery and is usually sourced from rural communities.

    This means the industry also creates jobs, which are much-needed in Kenya, considering the high unemployment rate.

    Easy to install

    Unlike other roofing styles, grass-thatched roofs can be installed without the need for specialized skill as long as there is a pre-existing structure.

    Disadvantages of grass thatch roof gazebo

    The reason why grass-thatched roofs are mostly preferred for gazebos instead of residential houses is that they are easily attacked by pests.

    This makes the roofing system only suitable for outdoor structures since pests can make the roof easily collapse.

    The attack by pests makes the gazebo require frequent maintenance making it more costly than other roofing styles.

    Image of a grass thatched outdoor hotel cabin

    Image of a grass-thatched outdoor hotel cabin


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