Ex-Kameme TV Presenter Opens Up on Quitting Job to Sell Cosmetics, Explains Why

  • Renowned Kameme TV presenter Wangeci Wa Kariuki revealed that she quit her job at the media house to focus on her cosmetics business.


    In an interview with Kenyans.co.ke on Wednesday, February 22, the journalist stated that her organisation, Fechi Products proved to be profitable.

    “During the pandemic, I started selling items as a side hustle. I started with wallets and bags before progressing to selling clothes. I later diversified to selling cosmetics and that’s how Fechi Products was born. I got the relevant documents from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and started my business,” she explained.

    Journalist and businesswoman Wangeci Wa Kariuki posing for a photo in February 2023

    Journalist and businesswoman Wangeci Wa Kariuki posing for a photo in February 2023


    Wangeci Wa Kariuki

    At first, she tried juggling work, her side hustle, and family but eventually the fatigue caught up with her and she had to quit after about three years at the vernacular station.

    “Since I was on the morning show and the 1 o’clock bulletin, I had some time on my hand but it got to a point that the business got too demanding and it got too exhausting,” 

    On Kameme TV, she hosted the morning show Rikiratha, which aired Monday to Friday as well as the afternoon bulletin.

    “I had to quit since the business was fully sustaining me. The media house, however, asked me to host a show on Sundays which I agreed to since my business was closed on Sundays,” she added noting that the new show was titled Riri na Ugima which airs on Sundays from 6 pm to 7 pm.

    The journalist cum entrepreneur noted that her business has expanded with branches in Thika, and Mombasa, and she also delivers across the country and outside.

    “We have clients outside Kenya, who have seen our reviews online and are impressed,” she explained adding that her products were purely organic.

    Fechi Products produces organic skincare and hair care products that suit clients with different skin and hair types.

    “I am looking to expand my brand globally, our products allow people to take care of their hair and skin as well. We also advise our clients to visit a dermatologist if we notice they have underlying skin issues,” she shared.

    The journalist advised the youth to take advantage of the online platforms available to sell their products and content noting that she maximised her platforms to sell her cosmetics.

    Her career as a journalist began at the Royal Media Services where she started as an intern at Radio Citizen before climbing the ladder of success to several media houses including K24, Njata TV, and Mt Kenya TV. 

    Journalists Ngoju Wa Ngoroge (left) and Wangeci Wa Kariuki on set at Kameme TV in April 2020

    Journalists Ngoju Wa Ngoroge (left) and Wangeci Wa Kariuki on set at Kameme TV in April 2020


    Wangeci Wa Kariuki

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