Teachers Push for Revocation of TSC's Power to Discipline Them

  • Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers(KUPPET) and the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) proposed the formation of an independent body mandated to handle disciplinary cases involving teachers.

    According to the unions, teachers have been, for a long time, subjected to harsh and tedious processes during the hearing and judgment of their disciplinary issues. 

    Speaking before the Education Committee on Tuesday, February 21, KUPPET and KNUT stated that they wanted the national assembly to review and amend the Teachers Service Act to accommodate their recommendations. 

    KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu addressing the press during past.event

    KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu addressing the press during past event.


    “We want an independent body to serve as a peace tribunal. Teachers are on their own when they are being disciplined and even dismissed,” KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu stated

    Additionally, the Unions accused the Salaries and Remuneration Commission(SRC) of not allowing dialogue during salary negotiations adding that many teachers raised complaints on the matter. 

    “SRC brought in a circular two weeks to the beginning of talks, and that circular removed any power from the employer,” KUPPET SG Akello Misori stated. 

    “At one time we were declared persona non grata, that we were not good people. And we received a lot of backlash,” KUPPET Chairman Omboko Milemba added

    However, the committee stated that the unions willingly signed a non-monetary 2021/2025 collective bargaining agreement that resulted in the stated challenges that teachers were facing.

    “Teachers are going through so many other challenges yet they are unionised, to an extent that some even feel that it is better not to be a union member,” Phylis Jepkemoi, a member of the Education committee stated.

    The unions further stated that they wanted the National Assembly to amend the Pension Act to put the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in charge of the retired teachers instead of the National Treasury

    “If the TSC has the mandate to employ and pay teachers, how then do we have a third party to take charge of these teachers after their retirement,” KNUT SG Collins Oyuu stated.

    TSC earlier submitted pensions to the Ministry of Treasury and Planning for the disbursement of the money to retired teachers.

    TSC made the announcement on Friday, February 3, asking all retirees to review their status for the pension scheme. 

    The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia at a past event

    The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia at a past event



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