Purpose of Steel Boards Carried by Netherlands Landcruiser Spotted in Kenya

  • Photos of a Toyota Landcruiser SUV that reportedly traversed through an arduous journey from the Netherlands to Nairobi surfaced on social media on Wednesday, February 22. 

    Besides the story behind the plausibility of the journey, a pair of dusty steel boards attached to its rear spare wheel was conspicuous, raising questions about their significance. 

    The steel boards, popularly known as recovery boards in the automotive sphere, help off-road drivers navigate challenging terrains. 

    Among the instances where the boards are applicable in a journey include when navigating through a sandy desert, beach, snow or muddy terrains. 

    A photo collage of a Toyota Landcruiser with the Netherlands number plate picture in Nairobi County on February 21, 2022.

    A photo collage of a Toyota Land Cruiser with the Netherlands number plate pictured in Nairobi County on February 21, 2022.



    The boards help the vehicle, usually four-wheel drives – find grip hence managing to steer forward with power. They also help to prevent tyres from wearing off due to skidding on the surfaces mentioned above.  

    Recovery boards are designed according to the different torque, weight, and impact levels, enabling the driver to choose the appropriate making to match the requirement of the vehicle or circumstance at hand. 

    How to Use Recovery Boards 

    Before using a recovery board when stuck in a terrain, the driver is advised to ensure that the pressure of the wheels matches the requirement of the situation at hand.

    Experts recommend a relatively lower pressure to allow the wheel to get a grip despite the underlying challenges in most off-road terrains. 

    To begin with, the driver should clear any debris from the wheel space to create space for laying the boards. The boards should be immersed below the wheels to form a slight inclination of about 45 degrees. 

    Once the boards are ready, engage a low gear and drive gently to steer your vehicle out of the stuck position. 

    Regarding pricing, the boards vary according to different brands in the market and special features are added to enhance efficiency. 

    In Kenya, automotive shops and online retail chains are places where off-road drivers can purchase recovery boards. 

    The current market has both flexible boards- which are can be folded and semi-flexible, which are rigid depending on the material used.

    However, one common thing is that they all have protruding trends that help the wheels gain a grip on any surface. 

    A photo of a recovery board used in a muddy terrain.

    A photo of a recovery board used in a muddy terrain.


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