LISTED: List of 5 Most Daring Robberies That Recently Rocked Kenya

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    News about robberies and burglary attacks targeting prominent figures in the government have headlined media outlets in the recent past. 

    From jewellery to cars and other valuables, miscreants have devised means that, somehow, compromised the stringent security measures deployed to protect some of Kenya’s Very Important Persons (VIPs)- against all odds.

    This article summarises some of the most daring robbery incidents that have been reported in Kenya. 

    Undated photo of the Karen Police Station sign post

    Undated photo of the Karen Police Station sign post


    Daytime Burglary Attack on Mudavadi’s Home

    Two men broke into Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi’s Karen home on January 29 and stole a gas cylinder and a Samsung television set. 

    CCTV footage recorded from the Prime CS’s home established that two male strangers gained entry into the compound after jumping over the perimeter wall at around 4:30 pm. 

    According to the report compiled after a forensic audit of the footage, one of the burglars covered a CCTV camera in Mudavadi’s compound with a plastic object hence impairing its ability to capture their identity. 

    They went on to access some rooms in Mudavadi’s house and subsequently stole the television and a gas cylinder before escaping.

    An employee attached to the mansion later realised that the two items were missing and informed Mudavadi’s son who, in turn, reported the case to the police. The police were yet to issue a conclusive statement on the identity of the suspects. 

    Aisha Jumwa’s Home Robbery

    In yet another shocking incident, three robbers were reported to have attacked the residence of Public Service Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa in Loresho, Nairobi County, making away with Ksh1 million in cash, mobile phone, laptop and jewellery on February 16. 

    According to the security detail attached to the CS’s home, the robbers stormed into CS Jumwa’s home after cutting a section of the perimeter wall. The robbers went straight to Jumwa’s bedroom where they stole a jewellery box. 

    They later ransacked her daughter’s room and stole the cash and phones. One of CS Jumwa’s daughters was injured in the altercation. 

    Embakasi Barracks

    In November 2022, a middle-aged man was arrested after stealing a machine gun mounting stand from Embakasi Garrison in Nairobi.

    Despite being under strict surveillance and security as is the norm in any military installation, the man attempted to steal a Landcruiser door and the stand whose value was estimated at around Ksh56,000. 

    A soldier manning the garrison heard a commotion and responded swiftly to ascertain the situation. 

    When arraigned in court over the accusations, the man admitted to having stolen the two items to the utter shock of Kenyans.

    Man Who Stole Phone From Police Land Cruiser 

    A man was in March 2022 arrested on allegations of stealing a mobile phone and a national telecommunication service phone from a police Landcruiser in Nairobi.

    The police officer was at the Tahmeed stage in the process of booking a ticket to Kwale. Members of the public impounded the suspect and created a commotion at the scene as the suspect tried to defend himself. This subsequently alerted police officers patrolling along the area who took him in for questioning. 

    In his defence, the man told the court that he had been “manipulated by the devil.”

    Theft of State House Limo

    In another twist, a presidential escort car assigned to retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s team was stolen and later found in Uganda in 2020.

    A gang of armed men carjacked the driver of the BMW Sedan before abandoning the driver who was a police officer with the rank of an inspector. Investigations spearheaded by a team comprising of Kenyan and Ugandan security agencies managed to track the car in Uganda.

    The aforementioned robbery and theft cases added to the list of some of the most audacious robberies in Kenya’s history – some of which remain a mystery to date.

    A photo of the BMW assigned to presidential escort team that was found in Uganda in 2014.

    A photo of the BMW assigned to the presidential escort team that was found in Uganda in 2014.

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