3 Reasons Commuters Should Board Buses With Extra Rear Set of Wheels

  • Modern buses have been designed to provide comfort for passengers considering the competitive nature of the transport sector. 

    Manufacturers in the automotive industry have gone beyond incorporating new interior features for comfort to now focus on engineering designs meant to enhance the rating of vehicles. 

    The multi-axle feature on long-distance Public Service Vehicles  (PSV) buses has become more common with a huge chunk of transporters preferring them over the conventional single rear axle.

    A photo of a Tahmeed bus with a multi-axle.

    A photo of a Tahmeed bus with a multi-axle.


    This is evident in the increased number of buses with an extra set of rear wheels – that is, six rear wheels as compared to the conventional four.

    In the multi-axle model buses, one axle is powered while the other one is a dummy or popularly known as a pusher axle. 

    This article explains some of the advantages of having an extra axle on buses and its relevance to the Kenyan terrain. 

    Smoother Ride

    Buses with independent axles as is the case with three-axle buses guarantee a higher degree of stability while in motion since the impact of bumps or potholes does not affect all the wheels at a go.

    In addition, vehicles with more than two axles have more shock-absorbing devices which help to insulate the passengers from the impact of the bumps and rough terrains. 

    Better Weight Distribution 

    In addition, the additional axle or set of wheels helps to ensure a more balanced distribution of weight on the bus hence assuring a greater degree of safety, especially in the modern long buses. 

    Thus a bus with an additional set of wheels is more robust and enables it to manoeuvre through different terrains regardless of the weight of passengers or luggage. This is relevant, especially in the wake of modern buses with a relatively larger cargo space below the seats. 

    The large cargo compartment under the sitting space requires an extra set of wheels to support the additional weight. This way, the designers devised a way to disperse the total weight over a longer area. 

    Compliance With Weight Regulations 

    Further, the extra pair of wheels help to ensure compliance with the weight regulations which are distinct in every country. The buses, as is the case with trucks, have to comply with the maximum weight per axle set by the Kenya National Highways Authority(KeNHA). 

    The extra wheels attached to axles help to reduce the weight per axle rate hence complying with the standards set by authorities. 

    In some instances, the extra wheels are lifted up in instances when the weight is moderate hence enabling the driver to steer the bus with lesser resistance. 

    An image of a Modern Coast luxury bus.

    An image of a Modern Coast luxury bus.

    Modern Coast

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