Why Mansions Along the Beach Are Painted White

  • While taking an early morning or late night stroll on the beach with the waves whispering in your ears and the sand below tickling your feet, you may seen some luxurious white-painted mansions facing the ocean.

    The mesmerising mansions, resorts, and hotels perfectly blend with the environment and tall palm trees

    However, there is a reason why the houses are painted a bright pearl white, one of the few preferred colours for beach homes.

    Since the beach and the surrounding areas are hot, the white reflects the light and absorbs all the other colours on the spectrum.

    An aerial view of the Swahili Beach House Resort, Kenya

    An aerial view of the Swahili Beach House Resort, Kenya


    Consequently, the houses maintain cool temperatures, especially during the sunny season, which become much more tolerable and pleasant.

    “In places of hot climate, it is advised that the outer walls of houses be painted white because the white colour absorbs less heat,”  noted BYJU’s Learning on its website.

    Additionally, the white colour reflects the biggest part of the dazzling light, preventing the houses from getting warm, and that was a basic goal of traditional architecture. 

    In Kenya, the Swahili Beach resort in Diani has signature cascading pools surrounded by palm trees and white-painted hotel rooms.

    Another example is the Msambweni Beach House; an aerial view of the beach property shows how white, green, and blue blend, mimicking a utopian island.

    This is not only seen in Kenya but in other areas across the globe. An example is the breathtaking beaches in Greece- Santorini, Mykonos, and many more.

    According to Greek history, during the start of the 20th century, there was a cholera outbreak, among other diseases, and houses had to be regularly disinfected.

    The houses are whitewashed, an affordable option, and a disinfectant material. It was used to limit the spread of diseases. Over the years, the colour became the signature look for most houses in Greece, especially Santorini.

    It complements the house’s beauty, brings balance, and attests to the details of other colours that simply highlight it.

    Quickly scroll through various social media platforms, and you will not miss a photo of a traveller posing outside the ‘heavenly’ houses in Santorini

    An aerial view of a section of Santorini in Greece

    An aerial view of a section of Santorini in Greece

    Travel Snippet

    The outside view of the White House in Kilifi, Kenya

    The outside view of the White House in Kilifi, Kenya


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