Big Names Set to be Unveiled by Radio 47

  • Standard Group has been hit by the mass exit of its talented journalists largely because of the firm’s financial woes.

    Since announcing plans to trim its payroll in November 2022, the listed company became a poaching ground for the competition.

    KTN News, The Standard Newspaper and Radio Maisha were the most affected brands even as the management seemed unmoved by the exodus.

    For Radio Maisha, news that Radio 47 was on the way came at the wrong time. Owners of the station which is set to hit the airwaves in March are leaving nothing to chance, as they assembly popular names on radio. Here are some big names you should expect:

    A photo collage of radio presenters Beatrice Maganga (left) and Lydia Oriaso (right)

    A photo collage of radio presenters Beatrice Maganga (left) and Lydia Oriaso (right)


    Hassan Mwana wa Ali

    Hassan Mwana wa Ali is a veteran sports commentator and presenter. Ali a celebrated Swahili sports commentator will be a Sports Editor at the station. 

    Other than handling the editorial segment, Ali will also present and commentate on football matches.

    Prior to leaving Radio Maisha, Ali was hosting, Nuhu ya LughaElimu na Burudani programme at the Standard Media Group station.

    Lynda Oriaso

    Former Programmes Controller at Standard Group Lynda Oriaso is also set to inject her wealth of experience at the station.

    Oriaso is a celebrated radio personality with over 15 years of experience in broadcast journalism.

    She also has vast experience in training, event management, research, programme production, scripting and talent management.

    Oriaso has also worked at the Nation Media Group as a radio presenter.

    Her mantra in the media industry is the acknowledgement that; ‘there is someone out there much better than you.’

    She highlighted that it is for that reason that media players needed to be on their toes to achieve more.

    Geoffrey Mung’ou

    Geoffrey Mung’ou a celebrated newsreader, editor and producer is another talent set to join the Radio 47 franchise.

    According to his LinkedIn profile, Mungo’u describes himself as a news reader, reporter, producer and program host.

    Apart from being a media personality, Mungo’u is equally an author having written the Swahili novel Mkakasi.

    He was a co-host of the programme ‘Nuru ya Lugha’ with Hassan Mwana wa Ali which ran on air every Saturday from 8 am to 11 am.

    Sources at Cape Media told this writer that Mungo’u could be the station’s head, while Oriaso is likely to retain the post she held at Radio Maisha.

    Beatrice Maganga

    Beatrice Maganga left the Standard Group after almost a decade.

    The eloquent Swahili news reader will be looking to excite her audience with her charming voice and command of the Swahili language.

    Others who left Radio Maisha in January 2023 were producers Irene Kaimuri and Eric Wambugu, who are said to be joining Radio 47.

    Radio 47 frequencies will cover some of Kenya’s main towns including Nairobi, Webuye, Kisumu, Kericho, Mumias, Mombasa, Lamu and Garsen, among others.

    The new kid on the block is expected to take the radio industry by storm and could send competition back to the drawing board.

    Already, Radio Maisha was rattled, announcing a raft of changes in its leadership after the unprecedented raid and exits.

    A photo collage of former Radio Maisha presenters Geoffrey Mung'ou (left) and Hassan Mwana wa Ali (right)

    A photo collage of former Radio Maisha presenters Geoffrey Mung’ou (left) and Hassan Mwana wa Ali (right)


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