School Closed Indefinitely After 1000 Students Walk Out in Night Protest

  • Ololulunga Boys’ Secondary School in Narok South Sub County was closed indefinitely on Monday, February 27, following a walkout by more than 1,000 students at night.

    According to the area Deputy County Commissioner Felix Kisalu, the students walked out of the school at 10 pm in protest.

    Kisalu added that the students did not destroy any school property during the protest noting that the school administration was yet to determine the cause of the walkout.

    An empty college classroom in Kenya

    An empty college classroom in Kenya


    Moreover, he explained that the students who walked out of the school barred the last group of about 300 boys from walking outside the gate.

    “We have not yet determined the cause for the protest because the boys walked out silently without speaking to any stranger. We sent a security team to the school to see if there was any kind of damage, but there was no damage done,” Kisalu stated.

    Attempts by the county commissioner to return the students back to school were unsuccessful. 

    However, the officials noted that the 300 students left behind would help the school in conducting further investigations on the matter.

    “The board of management will be meeting to discuss the issue so as to find a solution to the issue before recalling the boys back to school,” Kisalu added.

    He further revealed that the school which was once among the top performers in the county had a series of incidents of students striking which caused the school’s performance to drop.

    Cases of students and parents protesting over grades have increased in the country with recent cases including parents and students from a section of schools in the Nyanza region who turned away new principals.

    Aside from registering low performances, the schools in question were experiencing a shortage of students due to the new administrators and lagging behind with substandard infrastructure.

    Students sit for a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) exam

    Students sit for a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) exam


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