Police Officer Dies After Driver Pushes Him Out of Speeding Car

  • Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations Monday, February 27, arrested a driver suspected to have killed a traffic police officer in Mombasa. 

    In an Occurrence Book (OB) report seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the officer identified as Julius Marwa was on his routine traffic control duty at the Buxton Junction with a colleague at around 4 pm.

    Everything went on as usual until when the deceased officer stopped a motorist for a traffic check-up.

    An image of a traffic police officer manning traffic on a road in Nairobi.jpg

    A file image of a traffic police officer manning traffic on a road in Nairobi.

    According to the report, the driver failed to heed the directions of the traffic cop which occasioned an altercation between the two.

    Consequently, the traffic cop grabbed the door handle of the private vehicle with the intention of gaining access and forcefully turning off the engine, oblivious to the danger he was staring at in the hands of the suspect. 

    The driver, in retaliation, pulled the officer into the car by his hand and drove off at a high speed for a distance of around 200 metres. 

    At the time, the officer’s feet were dragged against the tarmac before eventually dropping him off on the tarmac. Unfortunately, an oncoming vehicle ran him over- sustaining life-threatening injuries. 

    Despite efforts by the officer’s colleagues to rush him to a nearby hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival- a testament to the gravity of the injuries sustained in the unfortunate incident. 

    “The officer sustained serious head injury and multiple fractures on the pelvis. He was rushed to Jocham hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body is lying at the same hospital mortuary pending postmortem,” read the report in part. 

    A DCI operation identified the suspect including the registration number of his car before eventually tracing him from his hiding place inside a basement parking within Beach Road Estate. 

    The suspect was examined as the police sought to establish the motive of his action before arraigning him in court. 

    The Monday, February 27, incident was yet another case of brutality meted on police after an incident in Murang’a county where suspected thugs attacked a police officer before stealing his firearm on Saturday, February 25. 

    Notably, President William Ruto urged members of the disciplined forces to use any means at their disposal to defend themselves in the line of duty. 

    An image of a Kenyan traffic officer directing vehicles to park on the left shoulder of the highway

    An image of a Kenyan traffic officer directing vehicles to park on the left shoulder of the highway

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