Gachagua, Sakaja Differ Over Ksh3,000 for Wife's Hair Budget

  • Vice President Rigathi Gachagua and Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja on Sunday, March 5 differed over remarks regarding the monthly budget for their wives’ salon visits. 

    While addressing congregants at the Jesus Winner Ministry Nairobi where he attended a thanksgiving service, Gachagua indicated that the Ksh3,000 budget was only for his wife and that it was not a benchmark for other leaders to emulate. 

    This was after Nairobi Governor had referred to him as a mentor for having mentored him on how much he should set aside for his wife’s monthly salon visits. 

    Johnson Sakaja

    Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja addressing congregants at the Jesus Winners Ministry in Nairobi on Sunday, March 5, 2023.


    Rigathi Gachagua

    “You gave us mentorship last week. Some of us were using so much money on salon expenses. But we have been told it is Ksh3000,” Sakaja indicated amid jubilation from the congregants.

    According to the county boss, Gachagua’s proposal was helpful to the economy as it saved men from unnecessary expenses. 

    However, in a rejoinder, Gachagua warned men against taking advantage of his sentiments to slash salon allowances for their wives. 

    “The Ksh3,000 I said was for Pastor Dorcas. Give your wife what you two are used to even if it is Ksh10,000,” the deputy president remarked. 

    He further warned that the constitution does not allow an individual to withdraw a benefit. 

    Gachagua further encouraged women to fight for their rights so that men do not misuse his statements to mistreat them. 

    The DP became talk of time on Thursday, March 2 after praising his wife, Pastor Dorcas Gachagua, and revealing that he spends Ksh3,000 every month on her hair.

    In fact, she does not demand a lot from me, I only give her Ksh3,000 to do her hair and she is always satisfied with that,” Gachagua stated then. 

    Kenyans took up the challenge with a proposed budget appearing online detailing how much other Kenyans should set aside for their wives’ hair based on their income.

    The now famous “Riggy G Scale” indicates that a wife to someone earning Ksh20,000 monthly is entitled to Ksh43 for their hair while the wife of anyone earning below Ksh20,000 should shave their hair. 

    Rigathi Gachagua and Johnson Sakaja

    A photo collage of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and an image of the now-famous “Riggy G Scale”



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