Kameme TV Presenter Builds Home for 70-Yr-Old Widow

  • Kameme TV presenter Ngugi Wa Karanja came to the rescue of a widow whose house was burned down in Murang’a County on Thursday, March 8.

    According to the presenter, the widow was in no position to rebuild her house and had appealed to well-wishers for help.

    Through his social media platforms, the presenter shared the progress of the project while urging his followers to contribute for the widow.

    Kameme TV's Ngugi Wa Karanja showing the progress of a house on March 14, 2023

    Kameme TV’s Ngugi Wa Karanja showing the progress of a house on March 14, 2023


    Ngugi Wa Karanja

    “If you are touched and you are able, let us join hands and help this woman,” he appealed.

    On Friday, March 17, Ngugi noted that when the project began, he only had Ksh30,000 but he was hopeful that the house will be done.

    “One of the things that have impressed me with this project is we did not have money when we started but we trusted God to intervene and change the life of the woman,” he remarked.

    Ngugi explained that the project was easier since the widow had planted some trees that were used in the construction.

    In addition, the presenter disclosed that well-wishers had supplied iron sheets, cement, money, and other materials to boost the construction of the simple home for the widow.

    The widow was elated by the kind gesture noting that, “This is the only item of clothing that I saved from the fire, my neighbours gave me the rest.”

    According to her, when her house burned down, she had a vision of herself living in a new stone-walled house.  

    “I had the dream twice and my granddaughter used to question where the money would come from,” she stated.

    Meanwhile, the presenter noted that the construction of the house was bound to take two weeks to complete and ready for the widow to move in.

    This is not the first time Ngugi is helping the less fortunate. Previously, he constructed a modern house for a 63-year-old bachelor from Murang’a County.

    Kameme TV's Ngugi Wa Karanja standing next to the remains of a burnt house in Murang'a on March, 9, 2023

    Kameme TV’s Ngugi Wa Karanja standing next to the remains of a burnt house in Murang’a on March 9, 2023


    Ngugi Wa Karanja

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