Azimio Protests Declared Illegal

  • Nairobi Police boss Adamson Bungei has declared Azimio’s Monday, March 20, protests illegal stating that the coalition had not informed the authorities of the mass action on time.

    Speaking to the media on Sunday, March 19, Bungei noted that Azimio and the Nairobi business community had sent in their request on Saturday, March 18, in the evening and Sunday, March 19, morning.

    According to the police boss, the Azimio coalition needed to notify the authorities three days prior to the protest as dictated by the constitution. 

    Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei

    A screengrab image of Nairobi Police boss Adamson Bungei speaking to the media on Sunday, March 19, 2023.

    Capital Group

    “We are in receipt of two requests that came late yesterday and today in the m morning. One was from Azimio la Umoja One Kenya and another from the Nairobi business community. 

    “The two groups intended to have peaceful demos. But for public safety none has been granted,” Bungei stated. 

    The police boss added that if the law was met, they would ensure that there would be no destruction of property as they had put in place measures to protect Kenyans and their businesses. 

    “You are allowed to do all that is allowed by the constitution, you shall notify the regulatory officer of such intent, at least three days but not more than 14 days before the proposed date of such a meeting or procession. 

    “Therefore, any person that will participate in the planned demonstration is notified to do so peacefully as guided by the constitution of Kenya,” Bungei stated.

    Moreover, he warned that those who would be found breaching the security measures in place would be dealt with immediately according to the law. 

    “We want to assure Kenyans that we are ready to secure their lives and property. 

    “However, we caution that any person who will breach the peace and break the law during the procession shall be dealt with decisively, accordingly to the law,” Bungei added. 

    Further, Bungei advised Kenyans to take note of restricted areas in the country including the State House adding that they were out of bounds and would be heavily protected. 

    At the same time, the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition responded to the presser by the Nairobi boss, stating their notice, signed by the Chairman of the Azimio Executive Council Wycliffe Oparanya, had been issued on Friday, March 17, and not on Saturday, March 18, as stated by Bungei.

    According to the Public Order Act 2012, any person intending to convene a public meeting or procession ought to issue the authorities with information about the planned procession three days prior including details of the location, time and dates. 

    “Any person intending to convene a public meeting or a public procession shall notify the regulating officer of the full names and physical address of the organizer of the proposed public meeting or public procession,” the ACT reads in part. 

    Moreover, the ACT stipulates that the time of procession ought to be between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM. 

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga speaking at a rally in Kiambu County on March 17, 2023.

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga speaking at a rally in Kiambu County on March 17, 2023.


    Raila Odinga

    arrest illegal

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