Catholic Church Declares Stance on Anti-Ruto Demos

  • The Catholic Church through Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria declared its stance on Azimio’s planned demonstrations on Monday, March 20.

    Speaking to the press on Saturday, March 18, Bishop Muheria revealed that the Church did not support Raila Odinga’s course of action.

    Muheria noted that the Catholic church was concerned that the demonstrations would lead to the destruction of property and urged the former prime minister to soften his stance.

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga speaking at a rally in Kiambu County on March 17, 2023.

    Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga speaking at a rally in Kiambu County on March 17, 2023.


    Raila Odinga

    “We are concerned with the rising tensions within our country. We are concerned about the confrontational attitude we are taking.

    “It is concerning with the ease our political leaders are taking us towards the path of incitement,” the Archbishop stated.

    Muheria termed the planned demonstrations as a slippery road leading to political anarchy.

    “We want to appeal to Raila as a person, and to the entire leadership of the opposition, you are in your right to express yourself but we should not sell to this country anything that sounds revolutionary in terms of mutiny,” he declared the Church’s stance.

    While the Catholic Church castigated Raila’s planned demonstrations, on Wednesday, March 15, Azimio received backing from the Nyanza Region National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK).

    “These demonstrations we are witnessing from Azimio are a way of protesting against exclusivity where two communities tend to control all the appointments in this country,” the pastors stated in their support for the demonstrations.

    Muheria also criticised President William Ruto’s move to nominate 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs) saying it was misguided at a time when many Kenyans were suffering.

    “We ask the President to listen to the pleas of Kenyan citizens in distress, we are yet to fully address the issue of famine and high cost of living.

    “We feel sad that in these moments when Kenyans are suffering and struggling, we received the news of yet a huge expansion of an already bloated budget,” Muheria spoke of the Catholic church’s reservation on the appointment of CASs.

    “At this moment we are not discussing if it is merit-worthy but the question is, is it opportune to do it when Kenyans are struggling?” he asked.

    David Ndii, the chair of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, dismissed claims that the 50 CASs would increase the country’s wage bill.

    “For the record, the payroll of 50 CASs is 0.075 per cent of the national government wage bill,” he stated on Saturday, March 18.

    From left: New CAS Nominees Cate Waruguru, Dennis Itumbi and Millicent Omanga.

    From left: New CAS Nominees Cate Waruguru, Dennis Itumbi and Millicent Omanga.


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