Husband Dies in Wife's Arms After Honeymoon Vacation to Kenya

  • What was to be a romantic, luxurious getaway for 39-year-old Eric and his wife, Constanze, turned out to be a tragic love story. 

    A report by the Mirror indicated that the couple tied the knot in Germany during the pandemic but did not go for the honeymoon owing to the travel restrictions imposed across the world.

    Three years later, everything was set as the couple chose Kenya to be their destination for their dream holiday.

    However, Eric’s condition soon deteriorated and became ill before his wife rushed him to the hospital.

    Exchanging Wedding Rings

    A photo of a couple exchanging wedding rings.


    Despite the doctors’ efforts, Eric passed away as his wife was by his side as his condition worsened. 

    His best friend, Robert Gropp described him as a man of honour who put his family first. 

    “Words cannot describe the torments Constanze had to experience in Africa and the unbelievable suffering you and your two beloved children (Yarik 4 and Feline 6), who your families and relatives have to endure,” he noted. 

    Owing to the situation, Gropp set up a GoFundMe page to assist the family after their sudden loss.

    “With this fundraiser, we can neither alleviate the pain nor the grief, but make the path a little easier for Constanze and her two loved ones. We say goodbye from the bottom of our hearts – Dear Eric – we will miss you, but we will always remember you fondly and honour your memory,” read part of Gropp’s statement.

    At the time of publishing this article, the GoFundMe page had raised over Ksh3.3 million against a set target of Ksh1.3 million. 

    A section of his friends and political statesmen in Germany paid tribute to Eric.

     “It’s just incredibly sad that such a young family man was taken from life, he stood firmly in life, was popular and committed in the town.”

    “I wish the family a lot of strength for the future, rays of sunshine behind the clouds and many supporting hands.”

    “Our deepest sympathy to Constanze, the children and the other family members. Rest in peace Eric,” read some comments on the GoFundMe page. 

    A photo collage of a couple exchanging rings (left) and a bride signing a marriage certificate (right).

    A photo collage of a couple exchanging rings (left) and a bride signing a marriage certificate (right).


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